Trainer Details

Mr. Mark Sunny has over 10 years of professional teaching experience as English Language Trainer and his high English language proficiency has propelled him to train international students from all around the world. Mark uses the teacher-centered approach to teaching but believes that mixing teaching methods is essential to yielding the most positive outcomes from learners. He is competent at using multimedia to aid and structure his classes so that different types of learners (visual, auditory, kinesthetic/hands-on and reading-writing) can maximize their learning experience.
He achieved a band score of 7.5 in IELTS Academic tests at British Council and scored 9 in IELTS Speaking Test in 2019. He also completed online courses from the British Council on Understanding Lesson and Classroom Management. Mark speaks English like a native English speaker and his approachable and inclusive group activities help engage English Second Language (ESL) students and trainees in all classroom activities. He can differentiate instruction and target objectives between learners of varying aptitudes to assess their learning progress. In Mr. Sunnys class, everyone gets it right in the end and each candidate receives personalized attention based on their needs.
Mr. Sunny started his teaching career in 2010 as English Coach for O Level candidates and went on to work at various international schools before initiating his position as Corporate English Trainer at Mentors in 2021. Mark graduated from Alchemea College in the UK in 2009. He was enrolled in English-medium schools all his life and completed his O and A level exams from The Aga Khan School, Dhaka. His expertise is in spoken English training which is effective for both young students and adults. Mark plans on completing a Cambridge CELTA course from British Council in the near future to further his career as English Language Trainer.

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