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Legal Issues for HR & Administrative Professionals


Sharpen the Management Skills. We are what we repeatedly do.The goal of business management is to create wealth for business owners by providing some value that consumers need. Creating and perpetuating a successful business has always been a challenge. And in the only-the-strong-survive world of modern business—rampant with new, ever-advancing technology—HR & Administrative professionals need unshakable knowledge, top-notch training, and a serious set of skills. Management is a skill that can be learned. Be the boss`s boss. Or, at least, be a boss. To have any success as HR & Administrative professionals, everyone should have basic management skills on HR & Admin issues. To manage HR & General Admin activities, administrative professionals need to have some other attributes other than general admin knowledge.
This training is designed to give some important ideas about Management skills on HR & Admin issues for HR & Administrative professionals which is required in the work place.
How participants will benefit after the course:
# Participants will learn how to manage General HR & Admin work
# Participants will be aware of the legal effect of their work
# Participants will learn about the other attributes of HR & Admin employee
# Productivity will increase
# Behavior of the employees will be changed
# Misconduct will be reduced
# Healthy environment and congenial atmosphere will prevail in the organization


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

Labor laws as amended in 2013
Domestic Enquiry
How to deal with civil & criminal cases
Diversity of Agreement

Day: 01
Amendments of labor law in 2013
Conditions of Service & Employment
Classification of worker
Probation period
Notice pay
Service book
Leave/Leave procedure
Payment of un availed annual leave
Disciplinary Action
Subsistence Allowance
Separation from service
Notice Pay
Payment of dues
provident Fund
Facilities during separation
Lay off
Death Benefit
Certificate of Service
Grievance procedure

Day: 02
Employment of Adolescent
Child Labor
Maternity Benefit
Group Insurance
Working hours & Leave
Night shift duty

Day : 03
Wages & Payment
Deduction of wages
Workers Compensation for Injury by Accident
Medical Facilities
Trade Unions & Industrial Relations
Workers Participation in Companies Profit
Provident Funds
Case study

Day: 04
Departmental Enquiry
Traditional Enquiry/Modern Enquiry
Preliminary enquiry
Steps before Enquiry
How to make a good draft of show cause notice/Charge Sheet
Amendment of charge sheet
Additional Charge sheet
Enquiry Notice
Enquiry Officer/ Enquiry Committee
Impact of Enquiry
Why we should go for enquiry
Procedure of conducting enquiry
Adjournment of enquiry
Delay in starting enquiry
Proceedings of enquiry

Day: 05
Cross examination and questions
Five Questions by the Enquiry Officer
Who will write the Proceedings
If the Accused does not sign the Enquiry Proceedings
Enquiry report
Consideration of report
Award Of punishment
Procedure of punishment under section 24
Drafts of dismissal letter, warning letter, termination letter etc.
Retrospective effect of the order
To claim misappropriated money
How an enquiry is vitiated
Some Do`s and dont`s while conducting Domestic Enquiry
Suspension pending enquiry
Disciplinary Action Pending Criminal Case
Steps for taking disciplinary action

Day : 06
GD Entry/ Drafts of GD
Payment/Cost for GD entry
What is FIR/ Draft of FIR
What is the most important point in GD/FIR
What is Charge sheet
What is Final Report
Where you will make the complaints
Enquiry/Investigation/Judicial enquiry
Types of cases
Why you will file criminal case
Why you will file civil case
Service matter case
Case for misappropriation/snatching money
Money suit
Execution case
Recovery of Money selling assets
Civil Jail
Jurisdiction of Magistrate court/Judges court/High court/Supreme court Labour court/Administrative Tribunal
Policy for dealing cases
How to appoint lawyer
Payment of lawyer
When to appoint lawyer

Day :07
Examination of witnesses
Cross examination of witnesses
Statement under 161 & 164
Judgment and order
Certified copy
Documents admissible in the court
Signature on carbon paper/Photocopy
Received Copy
Service of letters
Registered post with acknowledgement
Don`t open the envelope
Retrospective effect of the order
Appeal Hearing
Labour Inspector
Nominee/Succession Certificate

Day: 08
1. Introduction
2. Background of Law of contract in Bangladesh
3. Contracts in General
4. Types of contract:
i) Express contract
# Written contract
# Oral contract

ii. Implied contract
# Executed contract
# Executory contract

iii) Valid contract
iv) Voidable contract
v) Void contract
vi) Illegal Contract

Special Types of contract
# Quasi contract
# Contingent contract

5. Elements of a valid contract

Day: 09
Legality of object
Parties competent to contract
Authority to sign the contract
Warranty or (Liability of defects)
A non disclosure agreement
Termination of contract
Remedies for breach of contract

Day: 10
Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
General Terms & Conditions
Contractual Damages
LoI / MoU.
Framework Contract & Individual Release Order

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