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Course Description :This course is designed to make well understood the participants about procurement management including Procurement methods, Supplier selection, Contract Administration, Procurement Complain and Procurement Audits practiced in public and private sector in Bangladesh. It will provide participants with clear idea on standard tools and techniques related to acquisition of goods, works and services and will specifically focus on how better understanding of procurement management can contribute to ensure best value for money and timely internal supply chain of an organization and thus save cost of production as well as establish the accountability and transparency in Procurement management.
Main Purpose:Though Procurement profession is considered as a cool profession but highly risky since it has some issues that usually remain dormant but when come out in light it could create a unhealthy situation to both procurement professionals and the respective organization. Therefore, the purpose of the short course on selected issued based Procurement Management is to increase your sensitivity on the issues that are complex for day to day effective procurement. Besides this course is enough to provide you with an insight knowledge regarding the potential procurement risk management.


“ Interactive discussion
“ PowerPoint presentation
“ Brain Storming
“ Video show
“ Exercise

Contents of Training:

Day 1 Concept of procurement, definition of Goods, Works and Services. Procurement and Supply Chain. Procurement and purchase. Principles of Procurement, best value for money. Benefits of procurement in Organization. Procurement methods for Goods, Works and Services (OTM, LTM,TSTM, RFQ, RFP, QCBS, FBS, LCS etc). Comparative analysis of procurement methods.
Day 2
Supplier/Vendor selection Supplier/Vendor selection process, Main stages in vendor selection, post qualification of vendor, Evaluation procedure for Goods, Works and Services.
Contract Administration and Management Scope, Methodology, Elements, Supervision of logistics and staffs, Price calculation, changes and adjustment, Fellow up steps, Negotiation, Controlling of time, cost and quality, Expected completion date, Defects, Advanced payment, Basis for payment, Final payment, Liquidated damage, Compensation event, Framework contract, Contractual risk, main approaches to conflict resolution in contract. Termination of contract
Day 3 Procurement complain Key elements, Who can complain, Right to complain, Grounds of complain, No right to complain, level of complain, Mitigation of complain: amicable settlement, adjudication, review panel, arbitration. Decision making regarding complain.
Procurement Audit Issues Procurement plan(Total and Annual Plan), Selection of procurement methods, Specification, Advertising, Enlistment, Committee formation, Post Qualification, Procurement review, records maintaining, Administrative level of approving authority, Contract and allocated Budget, Extension of completion period, PS, Retention money, warranty, Acceptance, Post contract supervision and weightage distribution criteria in case of services.

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"Satisfactory" Md. Naijur Rahman, manager, Facilities & Services, Intertek Bangladesh.
The Training course is designed for Procurement professionals including Mid-Level & top level Managers and Executives working in public and private sector. Besides it is also equally important for fresh graduates who would be procurement professionals.

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