Occupational Safety & Health in Garments Factory training centre in Bangladesh


Occupational Safety & Health in Garments Factory


Occupational health and safety (OHS) is an important workplace behavior - if we can prevent injury, illness and death at work then all readymade garments Industry will benefit. This training is meant for Compliance Managers, officers, maintenance etc. After the training participants will be able reduce number of personnel injuries through prevention of workplace hazards. Reducing the risk of major accidents. Ensuring a well-qualified and enthusiastic workforce by fulfillment of the increasing expectations of the workers. Reducing the material loss caused by accidents and in production interruptions.


Live screen sharing, Q/A session

Contents of Training:

a) Introduction on OSH with body mapping exercise.

b) The Role of OSH Committee.

c) Hazard: Temperature, Ventilation, Noise & light.

d) Analyzing Temperature, Ventilation, Noise & light hazards in their factories by using checklist and priority areas for FIP.

e) Chemical Hazard : presentation on danger of chemical in garments industry and how to use them and store them.

f) Hazard: Machine guarding.

g) Hazard: Fire & electrical safety.

h) Risk mapping : Practical exercise done by each factory group to identify and prioritize OSH issues in Readymade garments factories.

i) Factory improvement program.

j) Group presentation on Factory improvement plan.

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Social Compliance Managers, Officers, Safety Officers, Maintenance Managers and those who want to build career in compliance.

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