Export Import Business with Practical Exercise training centre in Bangladesh


Export Import Business with Practical Exercise


Export Import business becomes more and more rewarding both in terms of personal profit and as well as mobilization of country's economy. Exporting and Importing are big business in these days and the size of an annual Export is US$ 25 billion (2012 approx.) and Import is US$ 31 billion (2012 approx.).

This course is articulated and designed to sharpen participants' knowledge and skills in doing Export- Import business successfully and efficiently particularly for new entrepreneurs. This step by step learning process with practical exercise will help participants get acknowledged about the Export - Import business in the real life.

Benefit of the Training:
The participants will be able to know the following points/ issues/ areas after completion of this course:

- How to set-up self business(Export- Import).
- Job seekers will acquire the basic concept on International Business.
- Step by step and A to Z working procedure of Export- Import business.
- How to find out potential importers and exporters.
- How to find out potential Exportable and Importable items.
- Participants will learn how to identify buyers' needs and recommended appropriate product(s) selection.
- Functional activities of exporter, importer, bank, EPB, BGMEA, BKMEA, DCCI, BOI, and other organizations related to export and import business.
- Participants will learn Export- Import business through practical Exercise.


Exercise, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

Formulate Export plan and goal.

Potential exportable items and buying countries.

Buyers list and information.

Commercial Documents.

Financial Documents.

Government Documents.

Transport Documents.

Export Business documents.

Cost related factors for exports.

Export cost calculation.

How to enter new export market.

Govt. facilities for exporters.

Sales contract with buyers.

10 areas for cost minimization.

Export payment negotiation with bank.

Export under cash in advance.

Attractive pricing to the buyers.

Risk factors and technique to overcome.

Step by step working flow with practical exercise.

Potential product (s) selection through SWOT analysis.

Bonafide customer selection procedure.

Good supplier selection procedure.

Cost related factors and cost analysis.

15 areas for cost minimization.

Break Even calculation.

Landing cost calculation.

Import business documents.

Import duty (CD RD, SD, VAT, AIT, ATV) ** calculation.

Price negotiation with the supplier.

Check list of B/L, COO, EXP, IMP, P/I, L/C etc……..

Import of sample, gift, and advertising materials.

Import against master L/C ( Back to Back) procedure.

Correct H.S code selection procedure.

Risk factors and technique to overcome.

Step by step working flow with practical exercise.

Review of discussion.

Introduction of other reference books

Questions and answers session.

"It was an excellent workshop containing various valuable information about Export, Import & legal procedure" Shohag Choudhury
New Entrepreneurs.
Graduates who have completed their studies and have power over a dream to be an entrepreneur.
Job seekers.
Educated women who have dream to be a new entrepreneur.
Persons who are interested to know about international business.
Sales, marketing & commercial professionals.
Top level / mid level officers in RMG and various private organizations.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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