Loans and Advances: Types, Its Management & Other Related Issues training centre in Bangladesh


Loans and Advances: Types, Its Management & Other Related Issues


This training will cover categories & forms of loans & advances, various scheme loans targeted to different sections of people of the society, SME finance for entrepreneurial development, legal framework related to bank loan, techniques & mechanisms of processing of a credit proposal, appraisal of credit proposal, appraisal of a project, tools & techniques of financial appraisal (detail) of a project, documentation against loans & advances, procedure for disbursement of loan, monitoring, follow up & supervision of loans, classification of loans, recovery of loans etc.

Benefits for the participants:
1. Familiarization with all the aspects/segments/parts of loan operation.
2. Build up confidence level of the credit Officer in discharging duties & responsibilities.
3. Upgrade the personal efficiency of the Credit Officer.
4. Help in proper appraisal/analysis of credit proposal
5. Help in right selection of borrower.
6. Enrich appropriate documentation knowledge.
7. Increase the knowledge of art & action of recovery of loan.


Interactive Lecture
PowerPoint Presentation
Group Discussion

Contents of Training:

Session 01: Types of Loan and Legal frame work
# Types of loans & Advances.
# Laws related to Bank loan.
# Lien, Right of set off & Assignment.

Session 02: Processing of credit proposal
# Scrutiny of the credit approaches.
# Collection & Accumulation of information.

Session 03: Appraisal of credit proposal
# Customer`s need assessment.
# Analysis of Bank statement of the customer.
# CIB Report.
# Credit Risk Grading Score (CRGS).
# Repayment Schedule.
# Analysis of financial statement using Ratios.

Session 04: (Continuation of session 3)
# SWOT & TOWS analysis.
# Working capital assessment.
# Selection of Borrower.

Session 05: Appraisal of project
# Definition of a project.
# Various aspects of a project.

Session 06: Financial & Economic aspects of project appraisal
# Models for financial appraisal.
# Capital budgeting techniques.
# Break even analysis.
# Sensitivity analysis.

Session 07: Documentation & Disbursement
# Charge documents; Common & Special
# Witnessing
# Stamping
# Creation on mortgage
# Creation on charge with RJSC.

Session 08: Monitoring, Follow-up & Supervision
# Pre- disbursement stage.
# Post- disbursement stage.
# Detection of early signal accounts & treatments.

Session 09: Classification of loans & Provisions
# Category of loans as per quality
# Grouping of loans for classification.
# Criteria / basis for classification.
# Rates for provision.
# Eligibilities of security.

Session 10: Recovery of Loans
# Fundamental issues relating to Recovery of loans.
# Strategies for recovery of loans.

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1. Officer/Executive working in Credit Department/Division of Commercial Banks.
2. Officer/Executive of Business houses dealing with the Bank loan.
3. Executives of loan recovery agencies.
4. Executives of Credit Rating agencies.

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