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Project Appraisal and Management


The content of the training is given below:


Interactive Lecture
PowerPoint Presentation
Group Discussion

Contents of Training:

Day ** 1

1. Project & its Attributes
2. Types of Project
3. Life cycle of Project
4. Significance of Project Management

Planning & Organization of project
1. Purpose & Function
2. Basic elements of Project Planning
3. Forms of project Organization

Financing of Project
1. Sources of Finance
2. Capital Structure & its determinants
3. Guidelines for use of Debt & Equity
4. Capital Structure Management by Financial Leverage
5. Advantages & Disadvantages of Debt Finance

Day ** 2
Appraisal of Project

1. Concepts of Project Appraisal
2. Analysis of various aspects of Project
a) Market Analysis
b) Technical Analysis
c) Management & Organization Analysis
d) Economic Analysis
e) Financial Analysis
---i) Financial Estimates & Forecasts
---ii) Selection Process

Human Aspects of Project Management
1. Challenges in human sides of project management
2. Essential Project Management Skills

Implementation of Project
1. Project Implementation Schedule
2. Prerequisites for Successful project implementation
3. Time & Cost Management in implementation of project
b) CPM

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