Disaster Management and Climate Change Adaptation training centre in Bangladesh


Disaster Management and Climate Change Adaptation


Now rapidly increase the need of skills peoples to work in disaster management field also climate change working field. But, there are so gave in country and abroad to work properly with knowledge and skills. The course desired to build foundation on disaster management and climate change adaptation in professional manner. The course accumulates comprehensive disaster management and Climate Change adaptation:
#Disaster preparedness and mitigation in the pre-disaster phase
#Early warning, Rescue and relief in the disaster phase
#Rehabilitation, reconstruction and recovery in the post disaster phase
#Disaster risk reduction and community resilience
#Climate change mitigation and adaptation

The structure and content of the course has been made as tailored to the needs and context of the several organizations which are working in disaster management and climate change adaptation field in country and abroad

Major Objective of the Course:
Major objective of the course is all of participant will be understand and developing skills on Basic of Disaster Management and Climate Change Adaptation to build their professionalism and Carrier highly in disaster management and or climate change adaptation field in GO-NGOs or donor agencies in country and abroad.
After completion of this course, the participants would be able:

#To understand the key concepts in Disaster Management
#To conceptual understanding of disaster management and humanitarian response
#To critical understanding of development and disaster management
#To understand the concepts of climate change
#To understand of disaster risk reduction
#To clear understanding of Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction
#To understand Communication and Geo-informatics Technologies in Disasters
#To clear concept of Disaster Response and Disaster Recovery
#To understand and experience in community resilience
#To understand Humanitarian Standards, Principles and values#To prepare Plans and Reports



Contents of Training:

# Introduction of Risk, Hazards, Vulnerabilities and Disasters
# Type of Disaster
# Disaster in geological context
# Disaster Risk in Bangladesh
# Disaster Risk of Women, Children, Elderly and Persons with Disability
# Disaster Management
# Disaster Management Cycle
# Pre- Disaster Phase
# Disaster preparedness
# Disaster mitigation
# During Disaster Phase
# Disaster Response
# Early Warning
# Disaster Shelter
# Rescue
# Relief
# Post Disaster Phase
# Rehabilitation
# Reconstruction
# Recovery
# Disaster risk reduction and community resilience
# Community Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment
# Community based disaster management
# Community voluntarism
# Public Awareness
# Coping, Coping Mechanism and Adaptation
# Disaster and Development
# Comprehensive Disaster Management Program (CDMP)
# Cyclone Preparedness Program (CPP)
# Concepts of Climate Change
# Reasons of climate change
# Effect of climate change
# Climate change vulnerability
# Climate change mitigation and adaptation
# Understand Humanitarian Standards
# Hugo Frame work
# Code of Conduct
# Code of Good Practice
# Good Enough Guide and others
# Contingency Plans in deferent stages Main Streaming Disaster
# Legal instruments, policies, plans and programs on Disaster Management in Bangladesh
# Bangladesh Perspective Plan (Vision 2021)
# Standing Orders on Disaster (SOD)(Revised in 2010)
# Bangladesh National Plan for Disaster Management
# Disaster Management Act of Bangladesh
# Bangladesh National Building Code 1993

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•Mid and Entry level Executives, Managers and any Employees who working in Development Field or Disaster Management Field or want to make professionalism in disaster management and or Climate Change Adaptation Field.
•Fresh Graduate, Master Degree Complete or Master Degree Student who want to build carrier in Disaster Management and or Climate Change Adaptation Field.

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