Conflict Management and Problem Solving Skills training centre in Bangladesh


Conflict Management and Problem Solving Skills


Conflict is unwanted events, but frequently observable fact of human life in relationship, even in good relationship. Conflict the result of differing needs, opinions and expectations. Normally it`s harmful to high productivity of team and organizational development, also collapse individual potentiality, sometime. If conflict handle with care and well, it provide powerful trend of significant change and development. In the competitive business and developing organization have need to resolution conflict effectively and solve any others problem promptly in efficient manner. Conflict management and problem solving skills are very essentials for any executive, manager, leader and employer.

Major Objective of the Course: Major objective of the course is capacitated the managers or leaders skills to manage organizational, teams or individual conflict effectively and resolve various problems innovatively and efficiently in peaceful way to enhance quantity and quality of productivity of their employees or working groups.

Outcome of the Course: After completion of this course, the participants should be able:
# To understand the main sources of conflict
# To analyze and understand the nature of conflicts
# To describe appropriate techniques to manage conflict
# To implementing skills and strategies to manage and resolve conflict
# To understand problem solving
# To diagnostic and clarify problems
# To apply problem solving steps and tools
# To avoid common mistakes of decision making
# To develop the confidence to tackle conflict effectively
# To improve quality of leadership
# To building team and run peaceful effective manner
# To handle customer complaints

After the completion and in practice of the course learning the hiring organization will:
# Controlled its any layer of staff and team smoothly
# Improved its team sprite effectively
# Increase its productivity or work result
# Enhanced its quality of service
# Used of time and money more cost effectively with high productivity
# Improve its professional reputation or goodwill to the Partners, Stakeholder, Beneficiaries or Customers
# Stable its familiar and peaceful environment


Activity based real life demonstration; Games; Related audio-video visuals; Role play; Group Activity

Contents of Training:

# Understanding conflict

# Understanding conflict resolution

# Diagnostic the conflict and find root cause

# Understanding individual reactions to conflict

# Managing reactions to conflict

# Understanding conflict resolution process

# Neutralize emotions

# Enhanced communication skills

# Structured process for resolving conflict

# Conflict management techniques

# Creating a future vision and ground rule

# Mutual understanding, gain and win-win solutions

# SWOAT analysis

# Identify problem and its root cause easily

# Defining problem solving and decision making

# Problem solving actions and technique

# Type of Leadership

# Leadership and management

# Strengthening team and partnership to common goodwill

# Building positive team spirit

# Stress and anger management
High and Mid level Executives, Managers and any Employees or any Political/Civil Leaders, who want to build better and bright carrier with balancing staff or team and make peaceful or more productive work environment as well as developing extra ordinary professionalism.

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