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Excellence in Telesales


Social media is glamorous. Print media is classic. E-mail is easy. Telesales drives results

By using telesales, you`ll be able to grab and retain the attention of your target customers, increase sales, address customer issues, and perform key market research, all in an extremely cost-effective manner. If your business is struggling to gain the traction it needs to excel, let alone compete in today`s competitive business environment, telesales may be just the answer you`ve been looking for.
Businesses have been able to utilize telesales to achieve their profit targets, advertise their products and services, generate leads, set appointments, and provide customer service. Businesses have consistently benefitted from telesales since the 1950`s, making telesales a tried and tested form of marketing.
There are numerous benefits of incorporating telesales into your business`s marketing strategy. Perhaps the greatest advantage telesales can provide your business is increased sales. Even more powerful is the ability of telesales to increase sales from a distance.

Why Telesales?

1. Direct contact with clients. Telesales enables a business to talk to real prospects. Because they are live and on the other side of the phone. Further, you can gauge and analyze their reactions.
2. Instant feedback. Unlike e-mail marketing, telemarketing gives immediate feedback. This helps a business better adjust its message and ensure that it delivers for its customers.
3. Reduced operational costs. Telesales is a cheap form of communication per contact. All it requires is a list to initiate contact. This is far less than door-to-door Sales & marketing, advertising via print and electronic media or developing promotion tools such as brochures or posters.
4. Cost-effective. Telesales is cost-effective. Leads are the lifeblood of every business, and telesales puts a business directly in touch with those leads whereas other methods are less direct and less able to drum up new business or ensure that old business stays with a company.

Customers and potential customers can hear if you are smiling or are stressed, so it is essential that agents making the calls be upbeat and possessing a good attitude.
Further, it is important to know the product completely. The person on the other side of the line will be glad to talk with an expert, but will have little tolerance for rookie. So make sure you know your product or service completely.
It also is essential to personalize calls and listen effectively. Unlike mass media, one of the great advantages of telemarketing is that it is personalized. Use that personalization opportunity. Listen to what the customer has to say, don`t just throw a script at him or her. Take advantage of the medium.


# Telesales officers/Agents/Team leader will be more confident, flexible and system oriented.
# Increase revenue in line with productivity alien with given Target.
# Understanding time management and every single call is crucial
# Identify and implement tactics & strategies for effective Tele sales and Telemarketing management.
# Developed patience to follow up and follow up again.
# Retain customer for long time.


Applied sales approach, Power point presentation, Group exercise, interactive lecture, Discussion & Practical Session, roll playing, Q & A session.

Contents of Training:

Session: 1

# Understanding of Telesales.
# Call planning and Preparation.
# Outbound call, up sales & cross sales.
# Interest creating opening statement
# Difference between telesales and telemarketing

Session: 2

# Use your telesales techniques.
# How to influence suspects to prospects to customer
# Universal and Golden rules and knowledge.
# Helpful and magnetism words and phases
# Never uses.
# How to improving and practicing listing skill
# Get involved rather than inform.
# Outgoing calls
# Incoming calls

Session: 3

# How to follow up Prospects/customers though telesales process.
# Essentials personal qualities for telesales.
# How to return reluctant prospects.
# Customer Judges the company by several factors.
# How to improve pronunciation, tones and language communication.
# How to develop patience for unmanageable prospects/customers.

Session: 4

# MUST follow rules by telesales officer/agent.
# Objection arisen areas.
# How to handle objection.
# Managing no-call-list.
# How customer show reluctances to the company.
# Closing techniques.
# After sales support and how to make own customer.

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All entry and midlevel telesales professionals as well as telesales team leader who are directly and indirectly involve in company’s telesales process. Fresh graduates or post graduates i.e. BBA, MBA or non-business graduates who intend to join telesales/telemarketing team also can participate. However, entrepreneur of call center also can join this session.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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