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Microsoft Excel Crash Course


Microsoft Excel is most widely used productivity tool in today`s corporate world. Day to day corporate analysis, reporting tools and applications are prepared with Excel. Corporate industry requires highest level of Microsoft Excel proficiency. To managing and analyzing a group of related data easier, we can turn a range of cells into an Excel Table. And a Pivot Table gathers all the data in an Excel spreadsheet and presents a summary of this data in a table. Charts and graphs are used to make information clearer and easier to understand. And Dashboard reports allow managers to get high-level overview of the business and help them make quick decisions. It will be an advantage for course attendees to learn practical and advanced usages of this mostly renowned Excel tools for their daily task in multiple ways.


Practical examples, exercises & case studies with Q&A discussion sessions. The course is designed for practical Excel applications at participants“ works rather than theoretical notes. Presentation slides will be provided after course usage. Participants will go through with relevant examples that they can relate to their daily office works.

Contents of Training:

1. Some Basic Tools:

New Line in a Cell
Quick Access Toolbar
Merge Cell
Wrap Text
Text Alignment
Format Painter
Hide Gridlines
Freeze Panes
Spelling Check
View Multiple Workbooks
View Multiple Worksheets

2. Find & Select:

Copy Visible Cells Only

3. Paste Special:

Skip Blanks
Add or Subtract

4. Page Setup:

Header & Footer
Page Number
Date & Time

5. Format Cell:

Numbers to Text
Leading Zeros
Add Text

6. Cell References:

Linking Data

7. Print:

Print Multiple Copies
Center on Page
Repeat Specific Row

8. Sort:

One Column
Multiple Columns
Sort by Color

9. Data Filter:

Number and Text Filters
Date Filters
Advanced Filter
Remove Duplicates

10. Conditional Formatting:

Highlight Cells Rules
Top/Bottom Rules
Find Duplicates

11. Pivot Table & Chart:

Pivot Table
Pivot Chart

12. Count and Sum Functions:

Count Blank/Nonblank Cells

13. Text Functions:

Join Strings
Partial Strings
Text to Columns
Lower/Upper Case

14. Lookup Functions:


15. Round Functions:

Round Up
Round Down
Even & Odd

16. Logical Functions:

IF Function
AND Function
OR Function

17. Data Analysis:

Goal Seek
Data Consolidate

18. Mail Merge:

Why Mail Merge
Mail Merge Process
Final Mail Merge

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This is an exclusive training for them who have experience working with Microsoft Excel and would like to learn more about this.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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