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Dynamic planning, managing multiple resources, supporting better communication, decision making, monitoring and evaluation are the essential components of today`s project management. Computer application in these areas would be of great benefit by making the project team more powerful for efficient scheduling and managing.

This course is planned to have a gradual structure from basic features to more advanced ones; this structure will help you to understand every detail inside the program. Therefore, you don`t need to know anything about Microsoft Project or Project Management.

If you are already familiar with Microsoft Project, you can benefit from the more advanced lectures in the course. For those who are familiar with Microsoft Project, the first few lectures might be basic. Yet, I recommend you to attend these lectures to refresh your memory. You may find some details that you have missed.

By enrolling in this course, you will be able to:

# Create your project plans in MS Project 2013, 2016 and 2019 STEP-BY-STEP
# Learn how to create a project plan through a real-world project example
# Get prompt answer & support from the instructor
# Learn what you should have before creating your project plan in MS Project.
# We will create a realistic project plan from beginning to the end. While creating the project plan, we will also talk about scenarios that you may face in real life.

At the end of the course, we will have a bonus section about Earned Value Analysis. Doing Earned Value Calculations in Microsoft Project is very easy, but understanding the meaning of the numbers we get from these calculations is very important. If you don`t know anything about Earned Value Analysis, after this course, you will learn every concept in detail.


PowerPoint Presentation, Handouts, Hands on Lab Practice, Brainstorming

Contents of Training:

1. What you should know before starting this course
2. Create your own exercise files
3. File opening and saving shortcuts
4. Saving project files in a specific format and location
5. Understanding duration, work, and units
6. Recalculating duration, work, and units for assignment changes
7. Keeping task duration fixed
8. Maintaining total task work
9. Changing resource allocations to a task
10. Adding and removing resources from a task
11. Replacing resources on a task
12. Changing multiple assignments on the same task
13. Defining part-time resources using Max Units
14. Defining part-time resources using resource calendars
15. Scheduling a task to override resource calendars
16. Editing in-progress task assignments
17. Fine-tuning work resource costs
18. Setting cost rates that change over time
19. Defining time-based material costs
20. Accounting for overtime costs
21. Editing resource costs manually
22. Updating actual cost for cost resources
23. Setting up a project to track earned value
24. Understanding earned value analysis
25. 026 Reviewing earned value with a visual report
26. Hyperlinking in Project
27. Copying data from other programs into Project
28. Copying data between Project files
29. Choosing security settings for importing data
30. Importing data into new Project records
31. Importing data into existing Project records
32. Exporting data from Project
33. Understanding custom fields
34. Naming a custom field
35. Creating a formula to calculate field values
36. Calculating formula values for summary tasks
37. Displaying field values graphically
38. Creating a lookup table of valid values
39. Formatting task bars based on custom field values
40. Creating a custom graphical report from an existing report
41. Customizing the fields displayed in a graphical report
42. Filtering and grouping results in a graphical report
43. Customizing a chart in a graphical report
44. Customizing a table in a graphical report
45. Customizing a text box in a graphical report
46. Arranging graphical report components
47. Choosing the fields displayed in a visual report
48. Filtering values in a visual report
49. Categorizing results in a visual report
50. Expanding and collapsing results
51. Formatting the chart in a visual report
52. Creating a custom visual report template
53. Saving project options for individual projects
54. Understanding the Project Organizer
55. Saving customized and new elements
56. Copying customized elements to your Project global template
57. Copying customized elements between files
58. Creating a resource pool to share resources
59. Using shared resources on a project
60. Opening and saving a project file with shared resources
61. Editing resource information in a resource pool
62. Creating a master project
63. Inserting subprojects into a Project file
64. Linking tasks in different projects

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This course is for any professional’s organization like Consulting, Construction, manufacturing, Services, Engineering, Agriculture, Education- Formal or Informal, Development Planning & Local or National, Health, Population and Family Planning, Environment etc. who want to use Microsoft Project 2013, 2016 and 2019. Microsoft Project has several features to discover. In this course, you will learn all of these features.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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