Monitoring & Evaluation for Accountability and Learning (MEAL) training centre in Bangladesh


Monitoring & Evaluation for Accountability and Learning (MEAL)


Development and humanitarian relief organizations manage their work through projects. Their offices are staffed by project teams that write project proposals, develop plans, implement activities, and track progress and impact. To thrive and succeed, these organizations need to develop the knowledge and skills to manage their projects well. Every organization`s project management process is unique, reflecting its culture, systems, policies and programmatic activities. Nevertheless, all project management models have at least one thing in common: Strong monitoring and evaluation for accountability and learning (MEAL) is important for any project success.

This is a two-day course curriculum that aims to develop the competencies needed to monitor and evaluate intervention for accountability and learning in development and humanitarian context. Upon completion, participants will be able to demonstrate the essential skills and confidence to monitor programme activities, plan required interventions and evaluate programme impact using appropriate tools and methods.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of the training, participants will be able to:
a) Describe and understand the phases of the MEAL cycle
b) Understand how project logic model works
c) Develop a MEAL plan
d) Determine methods of collecting and analysing MEAL data.
e) Demonstrate the ability to use MEAL information



Contents of Training:

Session 1: Introduction and Objectives
1. Welcome and Introduction of participants
2. Pre-test
3. Participants expectations
4. Overview of training objectives

Session 2: MEAL in project
1. Concept and comparison of MEAL
2. Phases of MEAL
3. Ethical standards and cross cutting theme in MEAL
4. MEAL in project cycle

Session 3: Designing Project Logic Model
1. What is Logic Models and Progression
2. Theory of Change (ToC)
3. Results Framework (RF)
4. Logical Framework (log frame)

Session 4: Planning MEAL activities
1. Meal Planning Tools at a glance
2. Performance Management Plan (M&E plan)
3. Indicator Performance Tracking Table (IPTT)
4. Learning plan
5. Evaluation planning
6. MEAL in the project calendar

Session 5: Collecting MEAL Data
1. Data collection tools
2. Creating samples
3. Data entry

Session 6: Analysing MEAL Data
1. Data analysis basics
2. Data visualisation

Session 7: Using MEAL Data
1. Adaptive management
2. Progress reporting

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Dr. Sakil Ahammed
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Project Management
The training is designed for project team members working in the development, and humanitarian sector. It is intended to benefit MEAL officers, project officers, project administrators, project coordinators and other team members. As well as who interested to develop their career as MEAL professional.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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