Advanced Telesales Techniques in CORONA Pandemic Period. training centre in Bangladesh


Advanced Telesales Techniques in CORONA Pandemic Period.


Now it’s time to Telesales in CORONA Pandemic

COVID-19 has swept businesses into uncharted waters. With new direction each day, many companies are being forced to close their doors or change their approach to work, implementing mandatory work from home requirements to comply with government guidelines. While every team is uniquely impacted, sales teams are facing an urgent need to generate revenue to keep businesses in operation.
A career in telesales requires excellent communication and sales skills and customer service knowledge. As a telesales representative, you will spend most of your working hours persuading prospective and existing customers to buy products or services. Understanding the skills and requirements of a telesales position can help you determine if it is an ideal career for you. In this article, we discuss telesales, how it differs from telemarketing and the duties and skills you need to excel in a telesales role.
To better understand COVID-19’s impact on our sales and customer-facing teams, we sat down with our sales leadership team to understand the top five ways our sales and customer teams are adapting to stay on track during this unprecedented time.
Sales is not only involve to generate revenue and profit it is also important to serve nation by delivering basic needs on time.
We need to keep sales and delivery department open to fulfill needs.

- To build high level of confidence in CORONA PANDEMIC period to Telesales officers/Agents/Team leader.
- DOs and DONTs for Telemarketer in COVID -19 period.
- Increasing sales and profit
- Increasing customer numbers
- Increasing upsells and cross-sells
- Increasing sales rep productivity
- Cutting the time sales reps spend on non-sales tasks
- Developed patience to follow up and follow up again.
- Enhancing your sales processes
- Retain customer for long time.


Applied sales approach, Power point presentation, Group exercise, interactive lecture, Discussion & Practical Session, roll playing, Q & A session.

Contents of Training:

Session: 1

- Understanding of Telesales.
- Difference between Telemarketing and Telesales
- Duties of Telesales representatives
- Outbound call, up sales & cross sales.
- Unique telesales techniques.
- How to Engage Your Prospect.
- Lose Your Fear. If you want to succeed in telesales, you cannot be timid.
- How to Cut Short the Non prospect.
- Always Take Action on Your Calls.

Session: 2

- Always End a Call Politely
- Know customers by name.
- Essentials personal qualities for telesales.
- Customer Judges the company by several factors.
- Take note of feedback.
- How to develop patience for unmanageable prospects/customers.
- Make your conversation interesting.
- Make a store rather than a sales.
- How to handle objection.
- Closing techniques.

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All entry and midlevel telesales professionals as well as telesales team leader who are directly and indirectly involve in company’s telesales process. Fresh graduates or post graduates i.e. BBA, MBA or non-business graduates who intend to join telesales/telemarketing team also can participate. However, entrepreneur of call center also can join this session

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