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Advanced Sales Leadership


The sales management function should be the second most powerful role in a business behind the CEO. The role has considerable power to make or break a business. Effective Sales Leaders lead the charge for sales growth directly and via a sales team using sales strategy. They make important decisions about customer acquisition, growth and retention, entry into new markets and viability of a sales force.

The appointment of a Sales Director/Head of Sales/Sales Manager into your business is one of the most important decisions you will make. Getting it wrong can be catastrophic.

A large international study reported that if Sales Managers were more frequently and better trained and coached, have a good sales strategy in place their sales teams achieved higher performance and results. In no other type of sales training was a more positive correlation found between frequency of training and sales performance.

Learning Objectives:
- What is Leadership?
- Difference between Sales Leader and Sales Manager.
- Why effective Sales Leadership is very important.
- Prioritized of Sales Activities.
- Distinguish between sales force leadership, management, and supervision.
- Motivate the sales team and convert to ultimate revenue.
- Understanding SWOT Analysis.
- List of the six components of the sales leadership model.
- Learning of BCG Matrix.
- Explain five influential strategies used in leadership.
- Discuss issues related to coaching the sales force, holding integrative meetings, and practicing ethical management.
- Identify some of the problems encountered in leading and supervising a sales force.


Applied sales approach, Power point presentation, Group exercise, interactive lecture, Discussion & Practical Session, roll playing, Q & A session.

Contents of Training:

Session: 1

- Who is leader?
- Sales Leadership, Sales Management, and Sales Supervision
- Contemporary Views of Sales Leadership
- Leadership Skills
- Principles of strategic sales leadership.
- Creating an Environment of Sales Success
- Communication Skills
- Influence Strategies
- Inspire Maximum Performance
- Difference between Leader and Boss.
- Creating different ways of “winning”
- Impact effective sales leadership to sales volume.
- DOs and DON’Ts in Sales.

Session: 2

- SWOT analysis in Sales Management.
- Detail Learnings of BCG Matrix.

Session : 3

- Q & A Session.

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Mid and Top level sales professional, Sales team leader/coordinator, Manager onwards who are in leadership position in sales can participate. This course is also designed for sales professional who intends to be promoted to leadership position from entry level and desire to be enriched him/herself for leadership position can also join. However, Entrepreneur and self-employed are especially encouraged to attend this session.

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