Implementation of Budgetary Control: A great way to remain COMPETITIVE training centre in Bangladesh


Implementation of Budgetary Control: A great way to remain COMPETITIVE


Budgetary Control is an effective technique to pave a way for maximizing profit through best utilization of resources of an organization. Under Corporate structure, Board Members are responsible for the overall growth of the enterprise while the business is managed by senior Management Team. Budgetary Control is a tool which can facilitate the Board to communicate the deliverables and monitor the progress of senior Management Team in achieving the ultimate objective of the enterprise. It also helps to run the business in line with well-groomed plans and unforeseen surprises are avoided thereby.


Interactive, Live screen sharing, Q/A session

Contents of Training:

o Introduction to Budgetary Control, its advantages
o Features of Budgets and its administration
o Budget approach: Top down and bottom up
o Fixed budget, flexible budget, zero-based budgeting
o Budget preparation activities
o Budget procedures: preparation, review, approval, monitoring, accountability
o Various components of Annual Budget
o Preparation of Sales Budget, Production Budget, Overhead budgets, cash budget etc.
o Trackers and follow through budget milestones
o Determination of variances and taking corrective measures
o Preparation of Master Budget

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This course has been outlined for the top and mid-level Managers of all departments of the Organizations. Business leaders aiming to develop sustainable skills to be a part of Budgetary Control mechanism.

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