Finance Manager’s Resiliency to face post Covid challenges training centre in Bangladesh


Finance Manager’s Resiliency to face post Covid challenges


The outbreak of Novel Corona Virus has critically impacted socio-economic condition of the world. Theemerging economy of Bangladesh is experiencing an abrupt nosedive in last 3 months. BangladeshGovernment has declared stimulus package to help Large and SMEs to manage this turbulent situation.Besides such assistance, organizations itself needs to be extremely careful in managing risk factors.Finance Managers of all types of organizations are facing challenges resulted from low sales and inadequate collection, pressure from lenders, commitment to suppliers and other stakeholders etc.Nobody can predict the duration of this unprecedented state. Hence, Finance Managers need to equip themselves with proper strategies to survive during this pandemic situation and continue the business once normalcy is back. Finance Manager will play the key role in synchronizing internal and external stakeholders with the goals of the Organizations.

Attendees will develop expertise in the areas of:
o Understanding and analyze the impact of Covid-19 on enterprise
o Applying commercial knowledge in managing challenges
o Protecting the interest of external and internal stakeholders
o Enterprise specific solution as requested by the participants


Interactive, Live screen sharing, Q/A session

Contents of Training:

Course content
o Impact of Covid-19 on global economy: contraction of economy, fall of global organizations
o Financial resilience of an organization, revisiting business models, focus on cost and cash
o Business challenges during pandemic: low sales, cash shortage, loan default, reputational risks
o Strategic leadership: team building, talent management
o Role of Finance Manager: cash flow planning, working capital management, asset sales, business/segment disposal, negotiation with lenders, engagement with customers and suppliers ecosystems, internal control.
o Thinking out of the box: Synergies through mergers and acquisitions
o Business Planning as part of preparedness to manage untoward situation, tracking the progress
o Introduction of new technology: Data analysis, Cost and benefits of disrupting technology
o Analysis of segment and product profitability, identification of limited resource and ways of
maximum output o Planning for recovery: Business Turnaround

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This course has been outlined for the Finance Managers of the Organizations. Finance leaders aiming to develop sustainable skills to deal with post-pandemic challenges and guide the Board of Directors to keep the enterprise moving.

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