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Basic Applied Sales Techniques


`Stop selling start closing`
This module is based on solid real-life sales experience that salesperson frequently faces in daily competitive sales life. This interactive session will help to find out the easiest way to close a sales deal. This module will show ‘what to do and when it to do’ during the sales cycle. It’s an excellent combination of applied sales techniques and a theoretical approach.
`Always be closing... That doesn’t mean you’re always closing the deal, but it does mean that you need to be always closing on the next step in the process.`- Shane Gibson

After this training, participate will learn:
• Why prospect will buy the same product from you leaving others?
• How to collect the contact number of an unknown prospect/person.
• How to call and grow interested in an unknown prospect/person.
• How to set an appointment with an unknown person/prospect.
• How to find prospects/customers.
• How to follow up a prospect without disturbing him.
• How to make a short customer decision-making process.
• How to make a relationship with customers.
• How to be trustworthy to prospects/customers.
• What to do when a prospect says, 'No, thanks we are happy with existing services or products.
• What to do when a prospect says, 'I need to think about it'
• What to do when the customer is not receiving your phone call.
• What to do when a prospect says, 'I think your price is too much'
• How to achieve distinctive capabilities in the competitive sales world.
• Factors influencing customer purchase behavior.
• How to maximize revenue in a short time?
• How to show/visit a site to a person/prospect.
• Techniques on how to handle a tough prospect.
• What is Strategic thinking in sales? How does it work?
• How to be differentiated in a competitive sales world?
• Important DOs and DON’Ts in the sales cycle.
• What is Magnetism in sales and how it works?
• How to sell in a tough situation.
• How to manage a tough customer.
• How to develop self-confidence.
• Office etiquettes and corporate behavior.


Applied sales approach, Power point presentation, Group exercise, interactive lecture, Discussion & Practical Session, roll playing, Q & A session.

Contents of Training:

Session 1
• Basics of Sales. Understanding the difference between theoretical and practical definition.
• Sales in real life
• Sales Channels.
• Strategic sales.
• Strategic selling strategy.
• You want to be.
• Customer data base.
• Never give up.
• Quality of strategic sales person.

Session 2
• LIAR theory is practical sales.
• The Money, Time, Need, Urgency, Trust (MT.NUT) method to conquer a sale. How it impacts in real life sales?
• Customer relation.
• Building Powerful Relationships with customer and how to make it everlasting?
• DOs and DON’Ts in customer relation.
• Find out influencer of decision maker.
• Influence to influencer.

Session 3
• The Art of Closing Sales.
• Find a coach
• How to make own customer?
• Prospecting and Pipeline Management.
• Relationship and trust in sales.
• Why people buy from you?
• How to become trust worth to prospect?
• What happen when target is not achieved?

Session 4
• Faster revenue growing matrix. How it works in real life sales?

Session 5
• Open ended questions.
• Price vs. Cost.
• How to sale similar products?
• What is value?
• Value vs. Price selling.
• Price Vs. Cost Vs. Value.
• Assessment of value.
• How all these impact in real life sales

Session 6
• Prospect says, “I want to think about it” what you will do.
• Prospect Says, “No, thank you actually we are happy with existing home/flat.” what you will do?
• Prospect Says, “I think your price is too much “what you will do?
• Prospects Says, “I think this land is not pure “ what would be your approach.

Session 7
• How to convert high volume sales?
• KYC and KYCP.
• What is happening in real-time sales?

Session 8
• What is Magnetism? How it works in sales?
• Internal Enemy.
• Changing world.

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All entry and midlevel sales professionals who are directly and indirectly involve in the company’s sales process. Fresh graduates or postgraduates i.e. BBA, MBA, or non-business graduates who intend to join sales also can participate. However, entrepreneurs/self -employed also can join this session since this module has been prepared based on a real-life sales approach.

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