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Strengthening Managerial Skills


Managerial Skills is the basic skills of a manager or leaders of any sector, however in Commercial sector, NGO sector or Government sector. An organization or any projects or program success on mostly depend their management and managers skills, where manager regularly face planning, organizing, human and nonhuman resourcing, implementing, monitoring and controlling, problem solves and achieving objectives and goal according to their acceptance criteria, within an timescale and budget. A key factor that distinguishes management is just not ‘management’; it’s a main propeller to achieve more through all operations and delivery in quality with standards expertise.

Outcome of the course: Capacitate the managers or leaders to plan and manage project effectively in efficient manner, as required standard and achieve goal and objectives quality, as well as project or organizational impact positively.

Objective of the course: After completion of the course the participants will be able:
o To understand basics of management
o To define planning and Project Management Framework (PMF)
o To understand management process
o To define monitoring and evaluation, tools and technique
o To define managers roles and efficient manager
o To understand how a project manage quality
o To understand staff management, work distribution and team building
o To update knowledge on proper budgeting and controlling
o To skills on monitoring and controlling
o To know about project procurement management
o To mitigate management risk and resolve problem
o To understand change management
o To understand sustainable management


“ Interactive discussion
“ PowerPoint presentation
“ Brain Storming
“ Video show
“ Exercise

Contents of Training:

• Fundamental of management
• Effectiveness and Efficiency
• Efficiency Manager and Leader
• Poor manager and rich manager
• Top 10 management Skills and techniques
• Effective Planning
• Effective Organizing
• Quality Supervision
• Adaptive and result oriented team building
• Coordination
• Staff development and management
• Effective Motivation
• Efficient Communication
• Procurement Management
• Conflict management and problem solving
• Effective Monitoring and Controlling
• Time management
• Risk analysis and Management
• Change management
• Sustainable Management
• Stress Management

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