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Professional Course on Welfare Management


Employee welfare means anything done for the comfort and (intellectual or social) improvement of the employees, over and above the wages paid.

According to ILO, “Employee welfare should be understood as such service, facilities and amenities which may be established in or in the vicinity of undertakings to enable the persons employed in them to perform their work in healthy and peaceful surroundings and to avail of facilities which improve their health and bring high morale”. So, welfare issues have to control under management systems accordingly.

Welfare management within the organization, it’s a legal requirement as well as buyer’s requirement also which organizations have to meet accordingly as professional manner. The most important purpose of professional welfare management training course is to stay on the right side of the law. Professional welfare management training course is important in terms of protecting the company over the long-term.
The professional welfare management course is designed to suit the requirements of social & technical compliance officer/ manager, human resource and welfare officers/managers and all those who wish to build a career in a profession which demands in-depth knowledge on professional compliance issues.

Course Objectives:
*To make the factory HR & Compliance personnel acquainted with basic requirement Welfare
*To make them able to ensure proper documentation regarding welfare
*To ensure the practice of Welfare in the factory
*To make the factory ready for facing any Compliance audit
*To ensure cost effective approach for utilization of welfare officer
*To make them conversant for preparing different audit report relates to welfare



Contents of Training:

Module-01: Concept of Welfare Management
*Welcome & introductory session
*Concept of welfare management
*Welfare management provision as per Labor Law & ILO
*Key welfare issues for garments industries
*Provision analysis of Welfare officer as per labor law
*Recap & Exercise

Module-02: Welfare Management in RMG Sector
*Feature of welfare management in Ready Made Garments (RMG)
*Importance of welfare management in RMG
*History of welfare in RMG
*Roles & responsibilities of welfare professional in RMG
*Best Practices of Welfare Management in RMG sector

Module-03: Functions of Welfare Officer
*Qualifications of Welfare Officer
*Responsibility of Welfare Officer
*Job Description of Welfare Officer
*Training & Development activities
*Counseling & Motivation of worker
*Encourage to maintain Floor Compliance
*Participation Committee formulation & practices
*Safety Committee formulation & practices
*Maintain different forms/format/registers
*Ensure Health & Safety activities in the workplace
*Handling maternity leave & benefits issues
*Handle the employee grievance issues
*Recap & exercise

Module-04: Welfare Management-Miscellaneous Issues
*Roles & responsibilities of the facility’s management
*Roles & responsibilities of welfare professional
*Roles & responsibilities of workers & staffs
*Welfare management social audit issues
*Welfare management social audit documentation & implementation criteria
*Welfare management-common obstructions & mistakes
*Welfare management, noncompliance & corrective action implementation
*Welfare management, continual improvement criteria *Recap & exercise

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*Director, operation
*Welfare officers
*Managers/ Officers working in the Ready Made Garment and Textile Industry
*HR and Social Compliance Consultants/Managers/Officers working in the public/ private sector
*Personnel not in service yet but wishes to develop their career in welfare management issues

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