HIRA-Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment or Risk Management is a vital part of any proactive Occupational Health & Safety Management System, though relatively few organizations have been able to effectively weave it into their daily processes.

HIRA Training-Hazard identification and risk assessment of significance is the key to the whole operational process of the organization as it is the impact of significant risks that need to be managed. All hazards must be identified in order to determine if they are significant. Significance is determined via the assessment process and this in turn requires that appropriate controls are put in place to reduce this risk exposure to an acceptable level.

The HIRA- Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment training course is designed by accumulating the applicable requirement from the standards (ISO 45001 & others). This training course module is designed in line with organizational practices. So, this HIRA training course module is highly effective for the relevant professionals. Participants will be highly benefited from this course.

Course objectives:The objective of carrying out HIRA in Safety is to determine whether people are likely to be adversely affected by any of the health & safety hazards. HIRA Trainings make participants capable to conduct HIRA effectively within the organization.


Classroom training, presentation, group discussion and Group activities.

Contents of Training:

✔ Welcome & introduction
✔ Introduction to course objectives
✔ Concept of Risk Assessment
✔ Definition & clarification:
1. Hazard
2. Hazardous situation
3. Risk
4. Risk Assessment
5. Risk Matrix
6. Likelihood
7. Consequence
8. Acceptable Risk
✔ Introduction to
1. ISO 45001:2018: Risk requirements
2. Risk Requirement as per Renowned International Standards
✔ Risk assessment methods
✔ Analysis of:
1. Probability
2. Severity
3. Control measures
✔ Identification of workplace hazards & mitigating the hazards
✔ Risk Assessment Matrix & Risk Assessment in line with ISO 45001 HIRA requirements
✔ Risk Assessment & Rating
✔ Risk Assessment SOP analysis
✔ HIRA control register analysis
✔ Risk recording process
✔ Risk Evaluation Process
✔ Risk Mitigation process
✔ Emergency management
✔ HIRA: Information, Instruction and Training
✔ Basic Principles including Hierarchy of Control Measures
✔ Communicating the HIRA Findings
✔ Q & A
✔ Day Closing
Training Methods:
1. PP Presentation
2. Brain storming
3. Case study
4. Quiz Test
5. Video clip

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✔ Middle Management
✔ Line engineer
✔ EHS & OHS Manager/Officer
✔ Compliance Manager/Officer
✔ Admin & HR Manager/Officer
✔ Welfare officer

Available Seats: 30 (Thirty)

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