Basics of Labor Laws training centre in Bangladesh


Basics of Labor Laws


Basic knowledge on Labor Law is essential for employees who handle the workers. Labor Laws assure fair justice and good management, define Workers and Officers, help maintain a healthy environment, congenial atmosphere, and avoid legal obligation in the organization.

How participants will benefit after the course:
# Participants will learn labor laws
# Participants will be aware of the impact of the related labor laws
# Proper justice will be ensured in the workplace
# Behavior of the employees will be improved
# Misconduct will be reduced
# Labor laws will be established
# Legal obligation will be met up
# Management will be able to take right decision
# Healthy environment and congenial atmosphere will prevail in the organization.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

1. Introduction
2. Definition
3. Conditions of Service & Employment

a. Classification of worker
b. Probation period
c. Notice pay
d. Service book
e. Leave/Leave procedure
f. Payment of un availed annual leave
g. Disciplinary Action
h. Subsistence Allowance
i. Misconduct
j. Punishment
k. Separation from service
l. Discharge
m. Retrenchment
n. Termination/Resignation
o. Notice Pay
p. Payment of dues
q. provident Fund
r. Facilities during separation
s. Lay off
t. Death Benefit
u. Certificate of Service
v. Grievance procedure

4. Employment of Adolescent
a. Child Labor

5. Maternity Benefit

6. Welfare

a. Group Insurance
b. Canteens

7. Working hours & Leave
a. Night shift duty
b. OT

8. Wages & Payment
a. Deduction of wages

9. Workers Compensation for Injury by Accident
a. Medical Facilities

10. Trade Unions & Industrial Relations

11. Workers Participation in Companies Profit

12. Provident Funds

13. Case study

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This workshop will definitely help me in building my career. I am satisfied with this workshop and would like to participate in future on any HR related workshops arranged by Ms. Wahida Ferdouse.
It was really a very good workshop and I learned a lot of labor law related issues. Lutfor Rahaman, Executive Officer, Pragati Life Insurance Ltd.
It was really very nice and enjoyable workshop for me as well as I learned a lot of issues related to labor laws. Md. Mobarak Hossain, DGM, HR & Admin., Shahriar Fabrics Industries Ltd.
Managers to General Managers who lead the organization, any owner of the company who is to manage workers, anyone who wants to gather knowledge on basics of labor laws, any administration and HR professional.

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