Export Import Management training centre in Bangladesh


Export Import Management


The objective of export import management training is to discuss the issues on securing export import orders and ensuring timely shipment of goods as per prescribed norms of quality and other specifications including terms and conditions agreed to between the exporter and importer.

In simple terms, export import management is the application of managerial process to the functional area of exports & imports. It is a form of management which is required to bring about coordination and integration of all those involved in an export import business. It is, thus, concerned with securing export- import orders and achieving their successful completion in time as per the requirement specified by the exporters and importers.


Exercise, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:


2. International Payment Method

3. Export Cash Incentive

4. Export Import Procedure and Formalities

5. Export Import Documentation

6. Payment Risk and Cost Reduction

7. Pre shipment Inspection

8. Customs Procedures

9. SWOT Analysis

10. Market identification

11. Costing of imported goods

12. Customs tariff calculation procedure

13. Exportable items from Bangladesh

14. Importable Items in Bangladesh

15. Air Freight Calculation

16. International Sales Contract

17. Bill of Exchange and Bill of Entry

18. Discrepant Documents

19. Examination of Documents

20. Buyers / Sellers Finding Procedures

21. Master L/C & Back to Back L/C

22. Export Import Product Selection Procedures

23. IMP Form & EXP Form

24. LCAF Form

25. IRC & ERC Form

26. Credit Report

27. Pre Shipment Finance & Post Shipment Finance

28. Export and Import Guidelines

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Persons who are interested to know about international business. Sales, Banking, Marketing & Commercial professionals. Top level / mid level officers in RMG and various private organizations. Export Import entrepreneurs. Graduates who have power over a dream to be an entrepreneur. Educated women who have dream to be a new entrepreneur.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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