Market Survey, Product Selection & Costing for Export Import Business training centre in Bangladesh


Market Survey, Product Selection & Costing for Export Import Business


Now a days Market Survey is the gateway and considered as a Benchmark to accounting almost all types of business functional activities. Therefore, it is a mandatory assignment and task to do market survey, research, analysis before launching any business product both in international and domestic market. Without proper and effective market survey, starters cannot achieve their goal.

Due to double digit bank interest rate and others economic barrier in our country, entrepreneurs, investors and businessmen have to go ahead to follow with proper guideline such as market survey, research, statistics of business items, potential sector selection, costing, understanding international business , commercial terms, international payment methods and many other areas which will be discussed in the course.

How participants will benefit after the course:
1) Participants will know the potential sectors and items to do business.

2) Investors will understand the business statistics, method to survey the market and selection procedure of potential items for starting the business.

3) Businessmen will be able to extend their existing business items and area in home and abroad.

4) Participants will know how to fill up market survey form and questionnaire form which will help them to acquire clear concept on Export- Import business.

5) SME and women entrepreneurs will be more confident to start their own business understanding the required legal business documents and export - import policy of Bangladesh.

6) All concerned will be benefited after knowing how to calculate to find out the cost of import, export items in view of customs duty, supplementary duty, AIT, ATV and others charges as per Bangladesh customs rules and regulation.


Exercise, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

1) Market survey procedure

2) SWOT analysis

3) Break Even analysis

4) Bangladesh Bank statistics

5) EPB statistics

6) DCCI statistics

7) BGMEA statistics

8) Bureau of statistics

9) BOI statistics

10) Data collection procedure

11) Questionnaire analysis

12) Business sectors analysis and selection

13) Products analysis and selection

14) Exporters/Suppliers analysis and selection

15) Preparation of market survey report

16) Feedback from manufacturers/ end users

17) Feedback from commercial importers/ traders

18) Product(s) selection criteria

19) Find out potential buyers (domestic & international)

20) Find out potential suppliers/ Exporters

21) List of the essential raw materials importing to Bangladesh

22) List of the finish goods exporting from Bangladesh

23) Major countries import to Bangladesh

24) Major countries export from Bangladesh

25) Potential sectors for business in Bangladesh

26) Potential items for business in Bangladesh

27) Cost related factors during import

28) Cost related factors during export

29) Landing cost calculation

30) Cost minimizing factors

31) Calculation of market size (product wise)- case studies

32) International payment methods

33) Advantages of L/C

34) Legal documents for International business

35) Export-Import documents

36) Export **Import policy

37) Export- Import procedure /flow

38) Agency agreement

39) Example of market survey- case studies with practical exercise

40) Export cash incentive

41) Tax holiday & duty drawback
1) Entrepreneurs & New Investors.
2) Professionals who are engaged and responsible for market development in home and abroad.
3) Exporter- Importer & Indentors
4) Persons are willing to work in the multinational companies in home and abroad.
5) CEO. GM, Business Managers in the various Trading organizations.
6) Persons are willing to know about International business system.
7) SME & women entrepreneurs.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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