Strategic Talent Management Training training centre in Bangladesh


Strategic Talent Management Training


To share the knowledge on the principles, policies, practices, framework and tool & techniques of Talent Management, so that the participants can enrich their knowledge, improve expertise and attitudes as well as able to practice at their work place.

Expected Training Outcomes
After the completion of the session, participants will be able to:
- Know the basic concept and differentiation between Human Resource and Talent Management Practice
- Understand the principles, policy and procedures
- Demonstrate different types tools and techniques of talent management practices
- Develop skills on designing and Assembling the Building Blocks for Organization Excellence: The Talent Management Model
- Become capable of Creating a Talent Management Program for Organization Excellence
- Familiar with the Competency Model
- Understand the ways of developing the talents through formulating Coaching, Training, and Development Approaches that Drive Talent Management Processes
- Get ideas on talents performance management and reward system
- Get a complete guideline on how to practice talent management in the organization



Contents of Training:

1. Talent, Talent Management and The Business of Talent Management

2. Talent Management Evolution and Necessity

3. Differentiation between the practices of Talent Management and Human Resources Management

4. Creating Talent Management Program for Organizational Excellence

5. Talent Management System and Process

6. Designing and assembling Talent Management Model

7. Making compensation is an integral part of your Talent Management Program

8. Talent Retention Strategies and Program

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HR professionals, managers, department head or anyone who wish to learn about succession planning process.

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