How to Set up Garments Buying House and its Functional Activities training centre in Bangladesh


How to Set up Garments Buying House and its Functional Activities


It’s an honor to say that Bangladesh is the second-largest readymade garment exporting country in the world. In garment buying houses, there are some specific responsibilities & working procedures. The garment buying agency is a challenging job, there has a cluster of talented, enthusiastic, and energetic workforce. Through the session, you will be acknowledged about the steps that are essential while starting a garment buying agency in Bangladesh.


Live online class, Q/A session

Contents of Training:

1st Session (online)
1. Introduction
2. What is the Buying House?
3. What all are the prerequisite for setting up a Buying House?
4. What role the Buying House play in Garments Business?
5. Who all are in Garments Business and how the Global Garments Business is running?
6. What is the Organogram of an ideal Garments Buying House?
7. Classification of Buying House.
8. What all are the various documents required to set up a Garments Buying House in Bangladesh?
9. What is the Order Sheet, Spec Sheet, and Measurement Sheet of a Garments and how and why Buying House prepare it.
10. What is the difference between Buying House, Buying Agent, Whole Seller, Retailer, and Customer?
11. What all are the ways Buying House places an order to the factory and ensure his service charges?
12. How one order is executed by a Buying House from its initiation to shipment?

2nd Session (online)
13. What are the general Laboratory Test of any Garments/Fabric usually asked by the Buying House?
14. What all are the various types of samples usually asked by the Buying House to execute an order?
15. What is the role of a Buying House in the handling of FOB, C&F, CIF, and CIFT order?
16. What all are the various documents required to export/import any garments/merchandise in Bangladesh.
17. What all documents required to submit to the bank for the realization of payment?
18. Knowledge of the followings will help running a Buying House efficiently:
-What is the role of ICC in International Business?
-What is UCP 600?
-What do we understand by Incoterms?
-What is SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) Code?
-What is LC, Master LC, BB LC, etc?
-How Cargo moves from Bangladesh to various destinations (USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Japan, and Australia, etc)?
-Understanding of Quota and GSP (Generalized System of Preference)?
-Knowledge of basic compliance requirements on COC and human rights.
-Knowledge of WRAP, BSCI, ISO, FLA, Accord, Alliance, PPE, etc
-Inspection procedure of merchandise and garments at various stages to ensure the quality of the product.
-What is Data-color, Light-box, D-65, TL-84/83, Home Light, UV, etc
19. Tips on placing 1st Order to any Garments Factory by Buying House for successful completion.
20. Any Question?
21. Revision.
22. Conclusion.
23. Distribution of Certificate

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Anyone who wants to start a Garments Buying House on his own with minimum investment.

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