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Foundation Course of Modern HRM


Human Resources Division is an indispensable division of any organisation, concentrating on hiring, managing, directing and retaining human resources within the organisation. The realm of responsibilities handled by HR Division is diverse not only in scope but also in criticality and importance to the success of the business. Factors include acquisition, preparation, compensation, retention etc. are extremely important aspects determining how well and to what extent employees contribute to the success of an organisation. This training will help to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge, improve understanding in HR discipline, strengthen skills required for being HR professional and provide technical ideas for performing modern HR functions.


Lecture & discussion, PowerPoint Presentation, Experience sharing, Assessment, Video sharing, Roleplay in practical life.

Contents of Training:

1. Understanding Modern HRM:
- Concept understanding
- Modern HR Perspectives
- Roles and Skills of HR professionals
- Scope of HR

2. Human Resource Planning:
- Concept understanding
- HR Demand and Supply balancing
- Qualitative and Quantitative methods of HRP
- HR demand and supply calculation

3. Job Analysis and Job Mobility:
- Concept understanding
- Significance of job analysis
- Methods of job analysis
- Forms of job mobility

4. Recruitment and Selection:
- Concept and difference between recruitment and selection
- Recruitment and selection sources and methods
- Evaluation of recruitment effectiveness
- Job Interview techniques

5. Placement and orientation:
- Concept understanding
- Rights placement techniques
- Orientation process and methods
- Development of orientation kits

6. Training & Development:
- Training Cycle Management
- Training and Development Methods
- promotion, Demotion and Transfer

7. Performance Management and Appraisal:
- Concept understanding
- Difference between performance management and appraisal
- Performance appraisal approaches and methods

8. Succession Planning:
- Concept understanding
- Succession planning process
- Components of succession planning

9. HR Policy and Procedure Formulation:
- Scope of HR Policy
- HR policy development ways

10. Compensation Management:
- Concept understanding
- Components of effective compensation
- Job evaluation concept
- Methods of job evaluation
- Deferred compensation

11. Staff Retentions:
- Staff turnover reasons
- Staff retention strategies
- Role of HR Division

12. Ethics of HR Practice:
- Ethics understanding
- Ethical perspectives of HR

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1. Young & emerging HR Professionals
2. Potential HR professionals
3. Employees of other function
4. Small business owner
5. Anyone wishes to develop a career in the HR field.

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