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E-commerce Business Registration


This training shall provide the detailed procedure on “how to start a new e-commerce”. This will also give you a clear way on the registration of your new e-commerce in Bangladesh. Now-a-day, many people start their digital business through Facebook, YouTube, Website etc. But they do not know properly about legal compliance on the matter. For this reason, they may fall in trouble in future. Specially on legality of business, permission of business, Income Tax, Trade License, Corporate Tax, VAT etc. This Course shall discuss on all the matters as mentioned.

The new entrepreneurs, service holders, start-up businessmen, lawyers etc. face the problem of registration of e-commerce in Bangladesh. Whenever an entrepreneur starts a business, he/she needs the basic knowledge about the registration of his/her company, firm, proprietorship etc. After that the employees of any entity or company must need the basic business laws for the proper maintenance of their company.

Recently, our digital corporate sector is expanding day by day and largely engaging with the business transaction with other countries of the world. In this regard, the transaction largely demands and requires good knowledge on business laws.

Thus, this workshop is arranged to provide the practical knowledge about the start of a new e-commerce in Bangladesh and in-depth knowledge on the e-commerce law of Bangladesh as well as other countries of the world.

The specific objectives of the training course are:
- To acquire the theoretical knowledge on e-commerce Laws.
- To be acquainted with the fundamental, essential and relevant laws, rules, regulations, customs, cases etc. on this subject.
- To know the registration process of any e-commerce entity in Bangladesh.
- To learn legal compliance on maintenance of an e-commerce company.

How will your audience get benefited from your course?
- Get theoretical knowledge on e-commerce Laws.
- Be acquainted with the fundamental, essential and relevant laws, rules, regulations, customs, cases etc. on E-commerce.
- Get practical knowledge on registration process of different kinds of e-commerce entity in Bangladesh.
- Get knowledge on legal compliance on maintenance of an e-commerce company.


PowerPoint Presentation, Group Discussion, Question and Answer.

Contents of Training:

1. What is e-commerce
2. How to search for a proper name.
3. E-Commerce and E-Business.
4. Types of e-commerce.
5. The fundamental laws and practices of e-commerce.
6. Essential and relevant legal matters and compliances of e-commerce.
7. Knowing the different Registration or License process of e-commerce.
8. Knowing essential legal contracts, documentations, notes, meetings etc. for e-commerce.
9. Knowing different types of e-commerce entity and how to register them legally and Tentative costs.
10. Limited Company Registration.
11. Partnership Registration.
12. Proprietorship Registration.
13. One Person Company (OPC).
14. How to get Trade license and e-Trade License.
15. Tax Identification Number (TIN) and Tax Matter.
16. Business Tax Identification Number (BIN) and VAT Matter.
17. Trademark’s registration.
18. Copyright registration.
19. Design registration.
20. Domain registration.
21. Export Registration Certificate (ERC).
22. Import Registration Certificate (IRC).
23. Membership of e-commerce Association.
24. Punishment for the breach of the Consumers’ Right Protection Law.
25. Real life and practical problem-based solution on corporate matter
26. Question and Answer on the Second session.

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New entrepreneurs
Service holders
Start-up businessmen
Lawyers, Law Students
Online or Digital Businessmen etc.

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