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Microsoft Excel Beginners – Start from Scratch


Microsoft Excel has proven to be advantageous for day to day business activities. The knowledge of Microsoft Excel particularly in analyzing data and reporting has become essential for every company to carry out day to day business and reap the best results.
Reporting in Excel is the most vital role for every manager especially in Business Analysis, People Management, Managing Operations, Performance Reporting, Office Administration, Strategic Analysis, Project Management, Managing Programs, Production / Manufacturing, Contract Administration, Sales / Profit Center / Cost Center / Accounts Management, etc.
Reporting in Excel using Dashboard: A dashboard is an information management tool that is used to track KPIs, metrics, and other key data points relevant to a business, department, or specific process. Using data visualizations, dashboards simplify complex data sets to provide users with at a glance awareness of current performance. An Excel dashboard is one-pager (mostly, but not always necessary) that helps managers and business leaders in tracking key KPIs or metrics and take a decision based on it. It contains charts/tables/views that are backed by data. A dashboard is often called a report, however, not all reports are dashboards. Moreover, a dashboard is a communication platform that displays key reports in a single presentation.
Excel is widely used. Having good spreadsheet skills therefore gives you the ability to work on all sorts of different tasks. And you can more easily get value out of information that’s being shared in workbooks. Once you know how to use Excel, you’ll find yourself using it more and more. It’s an accessible platform that can be used to do both simple and highly sophisticated business tasks.


Live class via ZOOM

Contents of Training:

** Handling Text with Formulas and Built-in Tools
• Drag the Fill Handler
• Joining Text
• Breaking Apart Text

** Formulas Begins
• AutoSum Tricks
• Relative Versus Absolute Formulas
• Defining Names
• Tables and Table Formulas
• Goal Seek

** Advance Formulas
• IF Formulas
• Sumifs
• Date and Time

** Smart Reporting Tools without knowing any formula
Generate Reports automatically using Excel Tools for Subtotal, Min, Max, Average
Dig down Reports with the variables for example, company name, division, departments, profit center, cost center, location, job positions, etc.

** Charting and SmartArt
• Creating and Formatting a Chart
• Adding or Removing Chart Data
• Pie Chart Tricks
• Sparkline

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Who Should Participate…
✔Anyone who is involved in reporting: Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing / Production Managers, Compensation & Benefits / Training / HR Professionals, Administrative Managers, Accountants, Supply Chain / Procurement / Store / Warehouse Managers, Auditors, Professors, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Project coordinators, project and construction managers, bankers, financial analysts, Market researchers, Business and Management Analysts
✔Managers and Directors, CEOs and business executives
✔Professionals seeking advancement to managerial position

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