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Social Compliance & QHSE Management in Manufacturing Industries


Manufacturing industries are the highest foreign remittance earner in Bangladesh. Service industries like Bank, tourism, hotel, financial institution are depending on manufacturing industries. Ready Made Garments (RGM) industries, Textile Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical Industries, Leather Goods Manufacturers, Consumers Goods Electronics, Ship Builders are main the export oriented manufacturing industries in Bangladesh. To compete with global competitors, meet customer satisfaction and global quality standard it is required to maintain good manufacturing process, social code of conduct certification: SA 8000, WRAP; social code of conduct assessment: BSCI, SEDEX, FLA, ETI; IRCA certification: ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001; Building Electrical & Fire Safety Standard: ACCORD & ALLIANCE. RMG industry is the first row industry that needs to maintain huge number of social, quality and supply chain assessment and certification as well as the other industries are following also.From negotiating price for products to delivery at final destination an export oriented manufacturer has to maintain and update all the required assessment & certification. Social Compliance & QHSE professionals are the key responsible person to generate ideas and to manage all types of supply chain related assessment & certification in line with the law of the land.

To maintain the standard of the working condition, ensuring safety of workforce, managing natural resources and optimizing organization performance Social Compliance & QHSE professionals need proper knowledge, guidelines and management ability. Along with update of all social assessment, certification, code of conduct it is required to update the knowledge and skill of new and existing social compliance, administrative and QHSE professional. Considering the situation has came forward to enhance the knowledge of compliance related issues to the employees of different companies by providing training on social compliance.

Objectives of the training:
# The participants will obtain knowledge of Social Compliance & QHSE standard, operation and management.
# Social Compliance QHSE professional, Brands & Buyer representatives, third party auditors will obtain professional capacity building knowledge.
# The participants will be able to face social code of conduct assessment and certification audit.
# The participants will be able to minimize the risk of work related accident.
# The factory owner, top management will understand the safety improvement areas of their productions units.


Interactive Lecture & Discussion, Online Presentation, Question and Answer Session

Contents of Training:

Introduction to Social Compliance & QHSE
Definition of Social Compliance & QHSE
Requirements of Social Compliance & QHSE
Brands`, Third Party, Supplier & Manufacturer`s Practices
Social Compliance & QHSE: Past Present & Future

Social Compliance & QHSE Aspects
Management Commitment
Policy Procedure & Law Requirements
License & Approvals
Workers Classification and their Employment Condition
Working Hours & Overtime
Leave & Holiday
Maternity Benefits
Minimum Wage, Payment & Deduction
Welfare, Gratuity, Provident Fund
Disciplinary Action Procedure
Health & Safety
Building, Electrical & Fire Safety
Quality management System
Environmental Management System

Laws & Regulation
Bangladesh Labor Act 2006 (Amendment 2018)
Bangladesh Labor Rules 2015
Fire Prevention & Protection Act 2003
Environmental Conversation Act 1995
Environmental Conversation Rules 1997

Social Code of Conduct, Standard and Certification
SA 8000, WRAP
ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001
Chemical Management System
Buyers Code of Conduct

Audit Management & Certification Update
Social Compliance Audit Management
Certification Audit Management
Brands & Code of Conduct Audit Management
ACCORD & ALLIANCE Audit Management
Certification & Assessment Update
Manufacturing Unit / Factory`s Preparedness for audit & certification

Sensitivity Issues of Social Compliance & QHSE Management
Owners Expectation vs. Reality
Professional`s expectation vs. reality
Ethical Practice vs. Reality
Necessary Preparedness: Training & Development

Questions & Answers

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Social Compliance, HR & Administrative Professional, Merchandisers, Factory Owners. Anyone who wants to build a successful career in export oriented garments industry, buying house and third party auditors.

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