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Project Proposals Writing Certificate Course


Writing befitting project proposals is a vital skill for the entire relevant private and public sector employees or people working for communication & documentation. We understand that a project proposals need to be clear, concise, logical, and correct. This course will help you plan appropriately plan for developing a good project proposal in choosing the most effective way to present to your audience e.g. donors & other funding entities. Through the course, you will become a more competent and confident writer of a project proposal, with a stronger ability to use clear methods, appropriate information and correct languages including different tailor made techniques of writing a project proposal (s) for you or your organization.

It requires to be mentioned that many of the proposal writers forget about some minor details and also the appropriate languages, which are very important to be considered.

This course would focus on improving proposals by including/applying proper methods of writing project proposals.Success in developing effective project proposal (PP) depends on number of issues, which are:
Proper understanding on the Terms of Reference (TOR) attached with the Request for Proposals (RFP).
Organize thoughts and write with purpose and conviction in developing the PP.
Effectively plan for your audience, purpose & tone along with methods.
Develop & edit the contents for clarity, conciseness, and correctness, and
Attach the necessary & proper documents to present you & your organization

Learning from the course
Learning from the course could be as follows:
- Challenges/barriers of developing a proposal and trouble shooting
- Steps of the different project proposals
- Methodology of developing a proposal
- Techniques of writing a proposal
- Documents need to be attached
- Proofing, revising and finalizing the document

Generic activities in the beginning of the Course
Welcome the participants`
Introduction of the Participants`
Introduction of the Process
Purpose and/or Objectives of the course
Setting up of the Ground Rules
Time frame for the training
Consideration of working together
Need assessment through exercise


Live interactive class via ZOOM

Contents of Training:

First Step: Types of Proposals
This step would deal with the types of proposals required to submit to the funding agencies and this would talk about the potential donors against each of the proposals. This would be entirely a brain-storming session in order to find out the concepts of the participants about the types of proposals they need to develop.

Second Step: Challenges/Barriers
Challenges & Barriers confronted by the individuals and target organizations in writing/developing an appropriate/smart & qualitative project proposals would be located in this session initially by the participants in an individual initiative and then by the facilitator. A power point presentation would be given by the facilitator in the session in order to pin-point the Challenges & Barriers.

Third Step: Methodologies
Methodology of a proposal differs on the types of the activity you are taking on e.g. proposal for project/program would differ then that of the research proposal. Methodology of a proposal plays a tricky role in articulating the whole helm of affairs. This session will deal with those characteristics and/or techniques to incorporate in order to craft the proposal worth it. This session would also be highly interactive and participatory in nature.

Fourth Step: Documentations
This part is very crucial and important for developing a quality project proposal that would attract the funding agencies if they are properly organized. Initially the participants would be provided cards on which they will list the documents required during the submission of different kind of proposals. Sample documents would be provided to the participants in order to understand the crux of assembling a proposal. A brain storming session would be initiated in this step and would be concluded by the presentations by the groups.

Fifth Step: Articulate the Documents
Articulation of the documents, which would be submitted along with the Technical Proposal, would be dealt in this session and this would also include discussion on performance indicator and result framework with the other necessary documents. It needs to be mentioned that the majority of the proposal do not achieve success due to absence of the proper/relevant documents, and proper articulation. A number of extra marketing documents also play a pivotal role in achieving success in winning funds and that would also be addressed in this step.

Sixth Step: Financial Proposal
A glimpse would also be given on the financial proposal, which is an integral part along with the technical proposal for the wholesome of the project proposal. It requires being very careful consideration to develop the financial proposal as it is the bottom line in winning a fund. This session would be basically dealt through discussions and question-answers between the participants and the facilitator.

Seventh Step: Revisit the Document (s)
Importance of revisiting the whole document is an important part before submission of the proposal to the client and that would be discussed in this session. Basically typos and structure requires to be addressed in the end of the process and that would be dealt with in this session.

ASSESSMENT OF THE COURSE: The utility and effectiveness of the course would be assessed by the participants through different methods in the end of the courses journey.

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