HR Analytics & Metrics: Tool for Numeric HR training centre in Bangladesh


HR Analytics & Metrics: Tool for Numeric HR


This program is endorsed by IPAC-Singapore and Recognized by HRCI & SHRM - USA for recertification point.

Individuals who chose to become HR professionals frequently made that decision to help people attain their career goals. The HR professional is often seen as the liaison between the organization’s management and the employees. Most HR professionals would rather work with people instead of numbers.
As organizations have become increasingly more complex via global expansion and mergers and acquisitions, and as the sophistication level and knowledge base of employees has exploded, the HR community has often not kept pace.
Years ago, HR professionals were often satisfied to just do their jobs. They knew all the many facets of their positions and were not that interested in being a strategic partner with other management in the organization. This is no longer the case. HR professionals are becoming increasingly aware that they must be more visible, viable members of the team. They also want to enhance their reputations as competent, well-rounded, knowledgeable employees and members of management.
When HR professionals can speak the language of business, their peers and superiors within the organization will include them in the organizational decision-making process.
This workshop will explain some metrics and Analytics that an HR professional can use for the functional excellence of HR area as well as in business. These tools of Numeric HR will help every HR professional to be logical, rational in different analysis, measurement, reporting and selling ideas.

Objective of the Program: After successful completion of the program participants will be able to:

• Understand the concept and application of Numeric HR
• Able to apply Analytics in different areas of HR
• Able to take or guide to take any business decision
• Able to measure and prescribe future strategy for People performance and business performance
• Able to align HR strategy with Business Strategy through analytics


Case Study
Role Play/ Simulation
Lecture Discussion and
Sharing/ Participatory

Contents of Training:

Module-1: Concept of Analytics
Module-2: Metrics & Analytics in HR Functional Area
Module-3: HR Analytics for Business Performance
Module-4: HR Analytics for Human Capital Management Concept

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