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Just as there are no business without a customer, there will be no customer if you cannot make them happy. It is the art of serving customers that draws the customers` attention and retains them to a particular business. This break-through, inspirational workshop gets the customer service staff invigorated as it portrays the benefits of positive customer experience and discusses the strategies to create customer service excellence by bringing in the significance of handling techniques exclusive for internal and external customers by means of creative exercises, role plays, case studies and line prompts in light of best practices globally

How participants will benefit from the course
# Serve customers as per global best practices
# Develop techniques to sell
# Identify the areas of their personality which they need to develop
# Adapt the winning factors, such as, tonality, body language, positive attitude, to succeed in building relationships with and retain customers
# Persuade customers by using appropriate lines/words/phrases
# Identify the words with negative impact and replace them with positive ones
# Understand customers behaviour and approach them accordingly by using DISC method
# Handle difficult customers and create lasting relationships by analysing customers` communication pattern
# Build trust and develop integrity
# Recognize the techniques of controlling emotions that affect their performance and direct emotions to enhance their service
# Develop self-awareness and momentum of continuous improvement


Interactive Lecture, Video clips, Role Play, Practical exercise, Question and Answer Session, Live class via ZOOM

Contents of Training:

Exemplary Customer Service World-Wide and Locally

The 4 ‘S`s and 4 ‘T`s for Successful Customer Service

Knowing the Tactful Techniques-

- Knowing the Words to Welcome and Comfort customers
- Saying the Most Difficult Words
- Use the Words to Make the Relationship
- Identify and use the Words to Retain customers
- Identify and use the Words to Persuade them
- Knowing the U-turn method to calm a complaining customer and bring him back

Categorising Customers
- Types of Customers
- the Right Medication for the Right Patient
- Know your own personality type and ways to change it

Activity (Role Play): Change yourself!

Excel on Managing Complaints

Escalating the Complaints to the Respective Concerns
- Words of Apologies
- Empathising
- Strategic initiatives to constructive resolutions

Knowing Customers by Analyzing Personality and Communication Styles
- Categorizing Customers into 4 main Characteristics trait- DISC Method
- Analysing and Understanding the Characteristics and Make Action Plan to manage them Effectively
- Communicating and Treating the Customers According to their Communication Level
- Creating a High Impression/Image of Your Company by Building Trust in their Minds

Handling Difficult Customers
- Best way to Say “No” to Customers- The Winning Strategies
- Taking and Working on Customers` Feedbacks

Win them by Building Trust and Integrity
- To build relationships
- To achieve retention
- To create company image/brand
- Know your product well

Be Emotionally Intelligent
- Stay Aware of Your Emotions
- Control all your Perceptions
- Control any Outbursts in Difficult Situations
- Overcome all Negative Hunch
- Recharge yourself

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"The workshop was excellent and it will help me a lot to improve myself regarding my career" - Sheikh Shah Newaz, Customer Service Officer, Checkpoint Systems Bangladesh Ltd.
I strongly believe that it will help me to be a sound customer service guy - Md. Sharif Uddin, Associate Manager, Operational Risk, Eastern Bank Limited.
In a single word "awesome" - Abu Zafar, Engineer, Installation, Banglalion Communications Ltd.
This training will improve my job activity.-Badrun Nesa Sagota
Fresh Graduates/ New Young Professionals
Mid Level Professionals of any organization focusing on customer loyalty, customer retention & after sale service.

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