Emotional Intelligence: Overcoming Fear and Anxiety training centre in Bangladesh


Emotional Intelligence: Overcoming Fear and Anxiety


How participants will be benefitted:
This course on Emotional Intelligence will help you increase your performance and cohesiveness among your team. You will clearly understand your role in a team, and your perimeter; whether you are leader or a member of a team, you can be coherent, peaceful, and more powerful.

After having this course, you will be able to:
Create a positive leadership attitude
Ensure top client services
Create impact within your team
Become more powerful as an individual
Have better understanding of your surroundings


Video recording, Presentation, Group discussion, Roleplay, etc, Live class via Zoom

Contents of Training:

What you are going to learn:
Icebreaking session:
0.1 Small Emotional talk
0.2 Meet the need

Module 1: Emotional intelligence
1.1 Framework and definition
1.2 Types of emotional people and how to handle them
1.3 Your EQ assessment
1.4 benefits of developing EQ

Module 2: Self-awareness
2.1 Who are you
2.2 Know your own story
2.3 What is your belief system
2.4 Emotional Intelligence improvement planning

Module 3: Self-management
3.1 Personal Integrity and responsibility
3.2 Your mental Gateways
3.3 Cognitive reframing
3.4 Factors that influence emotions
3.5 Emotional Hijacking

Module 4: Motivation and resilience
4.1 Is motivation real?
4.2 Setting your sight
4.3 Realistic optimism
4.4 Internal and External challenges
4.5 Dealing with Stress and Overwhelm

Module 5: Empathy
5.1 Empathy and compassion
5.2 Emotional needs
5.3 Unconditional positive regards
5.4 Opportunities to support and contribute
5.5 Increasing empathy

Module 6: Assignment
6.1 To change behavioral issues, an eight-week action plan would be followed by the participants

Do you want to
Learn how to assess your current state, or your clients current state, of Emotional Intelligence?
Understand how to take your 'Emotional Temperature'?
Discover the framework that, when used, leads to greater levels of Emotional Intelligence and a more fulfilled life?
Uncover powerful tools, strategies, workbooks and questionnaires to help increase your and your clients Emotional Intelligence?
Do you want all of that? Yes, that's what you are here for!

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Who this course is for:
Supervisors, Executives, and Emerging Leaders
HR Managers and Team Leaders
Individual who wants an impactful personality

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