Capacity Building Training for Administrative Professional training centre in Bangladesh


Capacity Building Training for Administrative Professional


Administrative responsibilities are challenging and important support service work considering time budget and quality. Without administrative support an organization cannot run a single minute. Administrative personnel are those who provide the back office support of every department`s of an organization. That`s why an administrative personnel need to be experienced, intelligent and well disciplined.

‘Capacity Development Training for Administrative Professional`- Workshop program has been designed for administrative personnel who work in small & medium enterprises and in big organization. The outcome of the training will enable administrative professional for stepping forward in their career, to understand their responsibilities properly and to complete their task effectively.

The training is a great learning & self development program for an entry and mid level administrative professional, persons want to gather knowledge about administrative job. One administrative professional can also identify his/her existing professional gap and will learn how to fulfill the gap.

Objectives of the Training
- To know the appropriate administrative job responsibilities.
- To able to complete every administrative task properly.
- How to cope up with limited time, budget and quality.
- To know how to manage challenge.
- How to represent the yearly administrative dashboard to management.


Online presentation, Interactive

Contents of Training:

Module 01: Introduction
Definition: Administration
Nature of Administration
Principles of Administration
Elements of Administration

Module 02: Administrative Task & Know How Procedure
Job Description of Administrative Professional
Procedure: Dispatch Management
Procedure: Incoming & Outgoing letter Management
Procedure: Security & Access Control Management
Procedure: Meeting Room Management
Procedure: General File Management
Procedure: Meeting Arrangement
Procedure: Logistic Management
Procedure: Contract Management
Procedure: Travel (Road, Train and Air), Vehicle and Driver Pool Management
Procedure: Refreshment, Dinning & Canteen management
Procedure: Staff Retreat Management
Procedure: Patty Cash, Bill Voucher Management
Procedure: Vendor Management
Procedure: Fixed Asset Management
Procedure: General Store Management
Procedure: Law Enforcement Agency Management
Procedure: Branch office Management
Procedure: General Office Cleanliness

Module 03: Essential Skill for Administrative Professional
Leadership Skill
Team management
Time-Budget-Quality Management
Personnel Management

Module 04: Professional Safety
Sensitivity of Administrative profession
Protectiveness for future life protection
Professional Certification

Module 05: Professional Networking
Social Media Connection
Society Base Connection
Professional Network Connection
Alumni Base Connection

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General Managers. Managers/Senior Managers who lead the organization.
Any employee specially of Admin & HR dept.
All line managers/supervisors including Audit Dept.
Any person who wants to gather knowledge on HR & Administrative activities.

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