Import - Export Business Documentation & Costing Process training centre in Bangladesh


Import - Export Business Documentation & Costing Process


The main objective of the training program is to provide practical knowledge to highlight the Required Documents & Customs Process of Import-Export.

Business License, Registration, Permission, Certificate, and various documents are always required to do any business including Export-Import in Bangladesh. There are various Government and private organizations that provide Licenses and Certificates to the business starters. But there are procedures and a lot of systemic steps are involved to get Business License, Registration, Permission, Certificates & other related documents.


Exercise, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:


1. Documents for Import Business

2. Documents for IRC

3. Documents for LC opening

4. Documents for LC Terms & Conditions

5. Documents for Customs Clearance

6. Documents for Insurance Claim

7. Documents for Export Business

8. Documents for ERC

9. Documents for CO ( Certificate of Origin)

10. Documents of Bill of Entry & Bill of Export

11. Import Without L/C

12. Import Cost Calculation

13. Import Cost Reducing

14. Import Risks Reducing Process

15. BSTI Permission

16. Documents For Customs

17. Documents For Shipment


18. Export Cost Calculation

19. Export Cost Reducing

20. Export Cost Reducing Process

21. Concept on L/C

22. Documents for Bank Payment

23. Documents for Cash Incentive

24. Documents for Back to back LC opening

25. Documents for Bond License

26. Govt. Documents for Import - Export Business

27. Shipping Documents

28. C&F Functions with Customs and their Commission

29. Freight Forwarding Functions & Cargo Booking Process

30. Sea Freight & Air Freight Calculation

31 . Customs Duty, Tax, VAT Calculation Process

Questions & Answers

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