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Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation


Monitoring and evaluation is an integral part of Project Management to keep up a project on right track. With growing emphasis of participatory approach in development field, there has been recognition that monitoring and evaluation should also be participatory. Participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) involves primary stakeholder as active participants and offer new ways of assessing and learning from changes that are more inclusive, and reflects the perspectives and aspirations.

A qualified Participatory M&E is not only good with deeper level information but also a powerful tool for ensuring participation of relevant stakeholders in the M&E process and to gear up their ownership in planning for next course of actions and taking corrective measures. The training will cover most of the important knowledge and skills of PM&E, tools, techniques, design to reporting; so that the participants can get scope to develop their expertise in PM&E very professionally.

Outcome: Outcome of the course is participants will capacitate on monitoring and evaluation their project inputs, output and results in participatory basis effectively and efficiently, as required standard, and achieving projects objective quality, as well as impact positively.

Objective of the course: After completion of the course, the participants will be able:
• To understand basics of monitoring and evaluation
• To understand basics of participatory monitoring and evaluation
• To understand PME Framework
• To know about tools and technique of PME
• Tow know about PRA, PLA and others participatory development approaches and tools
• To knowledge monitoring and evaluations data collection, gathering and reporting.


“ Interactive discussion
“ PowerPoint presentation
“ Brain Storming
“ Video show
“ Exercise

Contents of Training:

• Objective hierarchy and M&E
• Monitoring vs. Evaluation- Level and type
• Focus of Monitoring and Focus of Evaluation
• Quantitative and Qualitative tools in M&E
• Traditional M&E Vs. Participatory M&E
• Readiness for PM&E system design
- Questionnaire survey
- Key Informant Interview (KII)
- Case Study
- Venn Diagram
- Spider Diagram
- Seasonal Diagram
- Mobility Mapping
- Observation
• Frameworks in M&E
• Steps of M&E system design
• M&E planning
• Data flow and report flow chart
• Integration of quantitative and qualitative data
• Different parts of a monitoring report and writing tips;
• Different parts of an evaluation report and writing tips;
• Gender sensitive Monitoring & Evaluation report.

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The training program has designed for Mid and Senior Level NGO professionals responsible for Project Monitoring & Evaluation, Project Management, and Project Reporting and the persons who want to develop their skills on Project Monitoring and Evaluation. Person with no experience on M&E is also allowed to attend, if s/he has great interest in this field but knowing operation of MS-Excel or SPSS is essential.

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