MANAGING IN TURBULENT TIMES training centre in Bangladesh




In these turbulent times unseen in the past hundred years, new challenges emerge almost every day. Challenges that need planning, preparing, anticipating, deciding, staffing, delegating, reviewing and much more. How is the Manager of 2022 different from his predecessors? What tools, competencies, role clarity set him apart ?


Individual Exercise, Group Tasks, Role Plays, Case Analysis, AV media, Instructor Led Discussions,Live class via ZOOM

Contents of Training:

✔ Overview of the current business canvas
✔ Managing Change in a VUCA world
✔ Organisational Hierarchy in the modern world
✔ Role Clarity in 2022
✔ Setting Goals and Objectives
✔ Vision, Mission, Core Values
✔ Overview on Professional Management
✔ Doing Vs Managing Vs Leading
✔ The key aspects of Managing
✔ The Key Competencies of a Manager
✔ Key Terms every Manager should know
✔ Managing Up
✔ The First Time Manager
✔ Managing the Managers
✔ Effective Delegation
✔ Assessing People Competencies
✔ Influencing for Best Results
✔ Using technology to manager better
✔ Do's and Don't's of a Manager
✔ Your Management Style

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