How to be Advanced in Transport Management training centre in Bangladesh


How to be Advanced in Transport Management


Vehicle Fleet Management training is not an expense is an investment, experts say that a trained professional driver could cut the operational cost of running vehicle fleet by 35 to 40 per cent. A Proper fleet management system can help companies streamline and improve your entire operations in ways never imagined. On the other hand, poor or lack of training could lead to a continuation of poor practices and increase operational cost.

Benefits of the Training Course:
This certification is a formal way of establishing a professional reputation, a process for improving work performance and career advancement. Here are just a few ways you can benefit from this training:
# Improve managerial/technical competence
# Career advancement
# Establishing the professional foundation to form professional drivers
# Improve your job performance

Benefits to the Employer:
The real value of this certification is to improve performance and to reduce operational cost. Skills-Craft certification helps drivers do their jobs better, increases their productivity, reduce operational cost, improves the company`s fleet operations and makes the highways safer for the public.
The Strategic Transportation Management course aims to improve transport manager performance and productivity. Our training will help you run a cost effective transportation operations.


Live discussion,Interactive, power-point presentation

Contents of Training:

Session 1 - Introduction to Transportation Management
• Definition of transport fleet management
• Objectives of fleet management
• Maximizing customer service
• Policies, SOP

Session 2– Managing customers’ expectations
• Managing drivers
• Effective scheduling, driver’s overtime
• Managing customer complaints
• How to manage VIP and VVIP visits
• Motor Vehicle Laws 2018

Session 3- Fleet Maintenance Management
• Roles and responsibilities in maintenance
• Benefits of preventive maintenance inspections
• Scope of preventive maintenance programs
• Road calls
• Tire selection and management
• Parts and supply management
• Vendor versus in-house maintenance

Session 4- Fleet Safety Management
• Elements of a safety program
• Defensive Driving Training
• Driver selection criteria
• Fleet skill tests
• Accident investigation
• Managing safety with technologies

Session 5- Vehicle Selection and Replacement
• Vehicle selection criteria (procurement)
• Own or contract analysis
• Vehicle replacement analysis
• Routing of distribution

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