Intelligent Management of Working Capital to Protect Business Continuity training centre in Bangladesh


Intelligent Management of Working Capital to Protect Business Continuity


Cash is becoming the most expensive and scarce resource for any Enterprise. In the fast moving world, every organization is striving to ensure competitive edge to grab market share. Hence, business organizations are required to offer its products and services at a competitive price. Excessive investment in Working Capital triggers extra cost for the Enterprises which pushes the product and services out of the shelf. On the other hand, shortage of product can also result short supply. Hard competition among market players are giving options for customers to select the best product at lowest price. Intelligent and innovative management of working capital can keep the cost of product at lowest level and thereby it can boost up revenue, profit and cash.


Interactive, Q/A session, Group Discussion

Contents of Training:

Attendees will develop expertise in the areas of:
o Understanding and analyze the impact of working capital on enterprise’s profitability
o Developing techniques in keeping working capital at optimum level
o Maximizing the value of organization

Course content
o Internal and External Factors that affect Working Capital needs
o Importance of Working Capital Management
o Permanent Working Capital and Temporary Working Capital
o Components of Gross and Net Working Capital
o Operating Cycle and cash conversion cycle
o Inventory: Inventory days, Just in time, consequence of over and under stock
o Accounts Receivables: Days sales outstanding, ageing, bad and doubtful debts
o Harvesting the benefit of Negative Working Capital
o Liquidity ratios used to understand more about a business’ working capital position
o Short-term bank financing on account of working capital: Bangladesh context

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This course has been outlined for the Finance Managers of the Organizations. Visionary Finance Controllers aiming to develop sustainable skills to implement smart working capital management techniques and guide top management team to maximize value of the enterprise.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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