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MS Excel: Project Management tools and techniques


Project Management is an exciting profession. Moving from one project to another, a Project manager constantly faces new businesses, new processes and systems, new people, and new situations. Such a dynamic environment helps you learn more all the time, and advances your skills much faster than traditional jobs do.

• Understand the fundamental project management theory, apply best practices and avoid common mistakes in your next project
• Learn how to use Gantt charts, Critical Path Method, Project Plan, Budget, and many other tools (GET 15+ project management templates). A brief tutorial on how to use MS Project is also included.
• MS Excel tutorial: learn how to create the 5 most important project management documents with MS Excel
• Waterfall or Agile? Learn the main differences, compare the Pros and Cons, and know which philosophy to apply in your next project

What you'll learn
• Design reports for your stakeholders
• Create a dashboard with some common project management requirements
• Improve project communications with charts
• Format, change, and edit charts
• Apply conditional formatting to save time and automate reporting
• Implement the Microsoft Excel Camera Tool
• All excel tools explained are useful for PMP. Six Sigma and Lean Project Management Certification Exam

To take this course you only need a willingness to learn and access to Microsoft Excel


PowerPoint Presentation, Live class via ZOOM, Brainstorming

Contents of Training:

The Epigram
1. Preface is complete in itself

Project Charter & Stakeholder Analysis
2. Prioritizing the project
3. Introduction of Project Charter
4. Project Details I
5. Theory-Understanding Voice of Customers
6. Working with Voice of Customers-The KANO model
7. Working with Stakeholder Matrix
8. Working with RACI Using Excel

Project Planning Using Forms
9. Using a form with conditions
10. Using Radio Buttons
11. Using Online forms

A3 and Risk Analysis
12. Using Sparkline
13. Using Conditions for Probability Impact Matrix
14. Gradient Probability Impact Matrix
15. A3 Charter Explanation

Conditional Formatting
16. Conditional Formatting
17. Using Data Bars
18. 3 Weeks look-ahead (live)

Earned Value Analysis
19. Concept of EVA/EVM
20. Formulas & Graph of EVM
21. Earned Value Analysis- Problem solving

Using Quality Tools
22. Histogram
23. Working 80-20
24. Working with Fishbone Template
25. 5 why Excel

Wrap up with extra gifts
26. Understanding Swim-lane
27. Understanding VSM
28. Forecasting demand with Excel
29. Understanding the difference
30. Déjà vu or a Move forward

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Who this course is for- • Young professionals and university graduates interested in a project management career
• Students and professionals like PMP certified, six sigma yellow, green and black belt professionals, both agile and non-agile project professionals
• Project Managers, Planning Engineer, QA/QC Manager or Project team members responsible for reporting
• Anyone who wants to develop or enhance their project management knowledge and skills

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