Essential Soft Skills Development at the workplace training centre in Bangladesh


Essential Soft Skills Development at the workplace


Soft skills focus more on your social, leadership, communication and problem-solving skills, among others. While hard skills are composed of the training and knowledge you've grown during the course of your career, soft skills are how you work with others and on your own. There are many benefits to improving your soft skills, including relationship building with coworkers and career development.

Training Objectives:
• To gain insights of essential soft skills at workplace
• To understand the application of each essential soft skills
• To enable the participants to apply the soft skills


• Lecture followed by discussion,
• Storytelling,
• Experience sharing,
• Case study,
• Virtual photo gallery,
• Brainstorming,

Contents of Training:

This course can help you learn about/Training contents:
• 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Application approach
• Effective Professional Communication
• Situational Leadership
• Building & Managing Team
• Time Management skills

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Soft Skills
Anyone who wishes to know, learn and develop essential soft skills at workplace to be an outstanding one at the workplace.

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