Project Management with MS Project training centre in Bangladesh


Project Management with MS Project

  • Date : 18 May - 06 June 2022
  • Duration : Evening(7:00 PM-10:00 PM)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 6 Sessions
  • Class Schedule : Monday & Wednesday
  • Total Hours : 18
  • Last Date of Registration : 17 May, 2022 ( within 5pm )
  • Venue : Online Virtual


Dynamic planning, managing multiple resources, supporting better communication, decision making, monitoring and evaluation are the essential components of today`s project management. Computer application in these areas would be of great benefit by making the project team more powerful for efficient scheduling and managing.

This training program is designed for the person who manages a team, plans a budget, deals with schedules or has ultimate lines to meet. This program would however provide an understanding of the principles of computer based project management.

No matter how large the project is the aim of the course is to help transform an organization in a more lively, result oriented way by focusing on project needs


PowerPoint Presentation, Handouts, Hands on Lab Practice, Brainstorming

Contents of Training:

1. What is Project Management
2. Qualification & Goal of a PM
3. Steps of Project management
4. Project triangle
5. Fundamental of MS EXCEL
6. Must known financial formula: IRR, nPv, STDEV, PERT
7. Using the Ribbon
8. Updating ‘date` & ‘time` & Customize ‘Currency`
9. Navigating the Backstage view
10. Finding commands
11. Creating and saving projects
12. Creating a project from a template
13. Creating a project from an Excel workbook
14. Setting up calendars
15. Defining working and nonworking time
16. Setting basic options
17. Understanding manual and auto scheduling
18. Creating a manual task
19. Creating an auto scheduled task
20. Switching between manual and auto scheduling
21. Creating a milestone task
22. Creating a recurring task
23. Copying tasks from another program
24. Creating a summary task
25. Displaying summary tasks
26. Organizing tasks in a task list
27. Working with work breakdown structure codes
28. Linking tasks
29. Adding jag or lead time
30. Setting task date constraints
31. Viewing tasks and task links
32. Understanding resources
33. Creating a work resource
34. Creating a material resource
35. Setting up costs for work and material resources
36. Creating a cost resource
37. Understanding duration, work, and units
38. Assigning resources to tasks
39. Using Team Planner to assign resources
40. Finding over all locations
41. Assigning resources with effort-driven and non-effort-driven scheduling
42. Modifying resource assignments
43. ‘Replacing resources on a task
44. Choosing a view
45. Working with a table
46. Inserting and rearranging table columns
47. Changing the settings for columns in a table
48. Displaying two views at the same time
49. Using the Timeline view
50. Sorting tasks and resources
51. Grouping tasks and resources
52. Filtering tasks and resources
53. Modifying task bar styles and task bar text
54. Modifying task bar layout
55. Modifying text formatting
56. Reviewing the critical path
57. Using the Task Inspector to review scheduling issues
58. Splitting a task
59. Delaying a task or assignment
60. Adjusting a work contour
61. Leveling resources
62. Inactivating a task
63. ‘Understanding baseline, schedule, and actual values
64. Saving and clearing a baseline
65. Adding tasks to a baseline
66. Updating the schedule
67. Assigning overtime
68. Updating costs
69. Rescheduling unfinished work
70. Viewing project schedule status
71. Looking for schedule progress problems
72. Looking for cost problems
73. Working with graphical reports
74. Using earned value
75. Printing views and reports
76. Saving to other formats
77. Working with the global template
78. Importing and exporting
79. Sharing project information in other ways
80. Next steps (Advanced)

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Price 4,500 Tk + VAT
Dr. Sakil Ahammed
  • 26 May - 14 Jun 2022

This course is designed to make well understood the ...

Project Management
This course is designed for persons serving in any organization like Consulting, Construction, Manufacturing, Services, Engineering, Agriculture, Education- Formal or Informal, Development Planning (Local or National), Health, Population and Family Planning, Environment etc. in which for proper Preparation, successful Implementation and Completion of the project are essential.

Resource Person

Engr. Mohammad Hasibul Haque

Project Engineer (Civil Construction)

Engr. Mohammad Hasibul Haque is one of the widely known trainer on Construction & Infrastructure industry. His exploits are acclaimed. Ten-plus years of service. Five Int’l project with imperative role, 3 different learning institutes: numerous training session, the unexampled person who provides his every latest resource habitually. He's always been a bit of a maverick.

As an instructor, he is one of the finest facilitator this program has ever introduced. His exploits are renowned. What he will teach you, may very well mean the difference between Planning and Scheduling. Moreover, how you accelerate your capability to handle projects using technologies.

Engr. Hasibul is an inexhaustible source of kaizen. At present, he workout on miscellaneous training such as, Construction delay analysis, Claim management as per FIDIC etc. Neither It’s a mirage nor it's force-feed; Burgeoning local demand to spur this sort of training.

From the inception of his career he was attached with real estate Company like Safe Housing Limited, Holy Breeze Properties in early 2010 and also has working experience with Developers Company like Amicus Properties. After that, He worked with Italian-Thai Development Public Limited Company (ITD) to increase quality assurance for Dhaka Metro Rail Project (Line-6), financed by JICA. He has decent knowledge on Sub-structure as well Super-structure. He review and comment on drawing specification and any other documents that may require for the project. He also assist with the development of the inspection process for the site. Record accurate inspections carried out in line with the site documents. At the same time he is a Project Management System Specialist. He has received number of training from reputed national experts and institution.

Moreover Mr. Haque has started his nourishment two years earlier as a Lecturer but in short order he became Course Coordinator of Civil Technology Department, ISTT. He enjoy every bit of teaching profession. It has its ups and downs but on the whole, But it's fulfilling when He help youngsters to leave institute with decent grades and know they have a future. Personally Mr. Haque truly passionate about environment, disaster & vulnerability issues. He always try for using the principles of engineering, geotechnical knowledge and psychological attitude to create solutions to environmental problems—like improvements to structural and non-structural risk reduction.

Mr. Haque completed his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering; PGD (HRM); MDM (Disaster Management) from Dhaka University Furthermore M.Sc. from BUET ongoing.

PowerPoint Presentation, Handouts, Hands on Lab Practice, Brainstorming

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