Excellent Presentation and Impactful Public Speaking Skills Development training centre in Bangladesh


Excellent Presentation and Impactful Public Speaking Skills Development


• Essential understanding of presentation and public speaking
• Common mistakes and fears in presentation and public speaking
• Strategies for building confidence and combating anxiety
• How to design more interactive presentation
• Creating effective time frame and structuring powerful presentation
• Powerful speech opening and phrases
• Tips and tricks of making interactive PowerPoint Presentation
• Ways to win the hearts of the listeners
• Listener’s engagement in presentation and/or public speaking


Lecture & discussion, PowerPoint Presentation, Experience sharing, Assessment, Video sharing, Roleplay in practical life.

Contents of Training:

• Lecture followed by discussion
• Storytelling
• Experience sharing
• Case study
• Virtual photo gallery
• Brainstorming
• Q-A and more.

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Anyone who wishes to learn and be an impactful public speaker and professional presenter.

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