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Basic to Advance Sales Strategies


Objective and Benefit of this Training:

For Individuals:

Most of us put into sales profession without proper training from Organization. Those who became senior are also not fully aware of modern techniques, which fit with the competitive environment and changes customer behavior. Which return the best result of efforts.

In this training, we will discuss the practical & theoretical selling techniques. Which can make your every sales call effective.

Nowadays, customers and clients are not what they used to be. They are more knowledgeable, more sophisticated, more pressured and more demanding. They do not have time to waste. They want to make informed buying decisions. To cope up with this changing situation sales people need to be more persuasive and agile in Sales Techniques, Communication Skills and Negotiation.

For Organization:

Professional Selling Skills is an accumulation of latest, proven, powerful module for face-to-face selling that equips your salespeople with the skills, which required in competitive market situation and changing customer attitude. It helps to progress durable win-win relationships with customers. The skills, which they will learn, help them differentiate themselves and your products/services from competition. This effective selling skills can enables your organization to achieve and sustain consistently high sales performance.



Contents of Training:

Session 01: Sales Norms and Elevating the Understanding

1. CYCLE of Development.
2. Powerful Communication: How We Appear: How We Act.
3. Understanding of Sales and Sales History.
4. Sales Process.
5. Need Discovery.
6. Market Analysis and Competitor Analysis.
7. Target Market Fix On.
8. Route Plan.
9. Sales Funnel.
10. Strategic Sales Planning.
11. Hybrid Marketing System.
12. SWOT for Success.
13. Account Management.
14. Different Channels of Sales.
15. Management Techniques of Distribution Channels.
16. Wholesale Management.
17. ROI Management of Distributors.
18. Accelerate the Sales Through Partnerships.

Session 02: Advance Customers Onboarding Techniques

A. Build Rapport :
# Rapport Rule.
# Attention Getters: Compliment, Ask a question, Referral/Reference.
# Credibility Statement: General Benefits, Specific Results.
# Exercise
# Buyer`s point of view.

B. General Interest
# Uncover and Appeal to buyer interests.
# Listening Levels.
# Create Power Questions- Open Ended and Close Ended Questions (Exercise).
# Questioning Model (Exercise).
# Purpose of Question (Exercise).
# Widen the buyer expectation Gap.
# Interest Rule.
# Interest Areas.
# Buyers Category.

C. Provide Solutions
# Solution Rules.
# What Buyers Want to Know?
# Solution Building Blocks.
# Develop Unique Solution to each buyer.
# Appeal to logic and emotions.
# Present Persuasive, convincing solutions.
# Dramatize Solutions.

D. Resolve Objections
# Find Points of Agreement
# Uncover Objections
# Objection Rules
# Respond to Objections with Confidence
# Cautions
# How to Respond

Session 03: Soft Skill Development

1. Personalities of Great Sales People.
2. Utilize the Digital Arena for Boost Sales.
3. Negotiation.
4. Techniques of Win-Win Negotiation.
5. Team Leadership.
6. Communication Techniques and Its impact in Business.
7. Power of Thinking and utilize it for Success.
8. Grab the Career Success.
9. Prepare Yourself for Future Leadership.

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