Production Planning & Control in Garments industry training centre in Bangladesh


Production Planning & Control in Garments industry


Garments planning knowledge is a very important play role in the apparel sector. Without planning knowledge a smart planner cannot perfect & smoothly execute an order & cost minimize. Many of them become unsuccessful in this sector only lack perfect planning. This training will help those potentials to improve ideas to boost up garments planner. The clothing sector is holding the top rank to earn more foreign currency and any potential can be successful in this arena through proper utilization of set up planning knowledge.

Benefits of the training:
◻ You can calculate CM & SMV
◻ You can achieve perfect planning knowledge.
◻ You can achieve garments operation planning execution.
◻ You can calculation planning within a short time.
◻ You can understand your profit or loss of garments.
◻ You can face your career life.


▪ PowerPoint Presentation
▪ Group Discussion
▪ Video Clips
▪ Open Discussion with Problems
▪ Question & Answer Session

Contents of Training:

1st Session:
1. History of Bangladesh Garments.
2. Origin of the planning department in the Garments Industry.
3. Functions of the Planning Department.
4. Capacity of a factory.
5. Floor Capacity.
6. Order Allocation.
7. Materials planning.
8. Time & Action (T & A)
9. Scheduling.
10. Execution of the task.
11. PP meeting.
12. Layout allocation.
13. Manpower & Machine allocation.
14. Operation breakdown.
15. SMV & SAM Calculation
16. Target planning.
17. CM Calculation.
18. CPM Calculation.
19. Worker Efficiency calculation.
20. Line cost Calculation.
21. EPM Calculation.
22. SPM Calculation.
23. Incentive Plan.
24. Fail & recovery plan.
25. Importance of PPC.
26. Critical path plan.

2nd Session:
27. Set up a plan.
28. PCD & input plan.
29. Line allocation plan.
30. Order completion plan (Swing, Washing, and Finishing).
31. Line loading plan.
32. Shipment plan.
33. Style change over the plan.
34. OT plan.
35. Plan to achieve
36. KPI in garments.
37. Factory efficiency.
38. Cut to ship.
39. Order to ship.
40. Improve productivity in garments.
41. Conclusion.
42. Revision & Questions.

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