SHIEN-ology - Ensuring The Corporate Management for a Sustainable Future training centre in Bangladesh


SHIEN-ology - Ensuring The Corporate Management for a Sustainable Future


SHIEN‐ology: A new era’s way of thinking and being that defines altruism in the 21st century and beyond, by helping each other, and thereby creating an overlap where there was no overlap before. With the introduction of SHIEN‐ology, several listed companies have established a corporate culture that creates value by people working closely together, and this has resulted in deficits being turned into surpluses, and/or the creation of an intimate working place atmosphere that draws out everyone’s abilities.SHIEN-ology is Creating overlaps where overlaps were never there before to support others and let ourselves be supported by them. We will learn from SHIEN-ology about the Keys in 21st century management style.


Pre-workshop: Study content and assignment During the workshop: Video recording, Presentation, Group discussion, Roleplay, etc. Post-workshop: Online learning, Coaching, and Assessment.

Contents of Training:

Characteristics of management and organization of longstanding companies Point of corporate Management for a sustainable future.
• Marketing that focuses on Human mind and Heart.
• To Develop lively companies, lessons learned from growing companies.
• Example of organization revitalization through SHIEN-ology and dialog
• Corporate management that makes employees happy
• CS (customer satisfaction), ES (Employee Satisfaction)
• 2-way communication by workshop, Discussion
• Weekly/Monthly meeting for share information and synergy
• Employee take leading in their working
• Warm welcome, taking care of them to be develop in their job requirement
• Alignment of individual growth with company growth • Customer satisfaction
• Employee Pride and work engagement
• Create corporate culture which employees work lively & Help each other with a happiness of the employees.

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