Advanced Class for Sales & Marketing Management training centre in Bangladesh


Advanced Class for Sales & Marketing Management

  • Date : 31 August - 14 September 2022
  • Duration : Evening(7.30 PM-10.30 PM)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 6 session
  • Class Schedule : Tuesday & Thursday
  • Total Hours : 18
  • Last Date of Registration : 30 August, 2022 ( within 5pm )
  • Venue : Online Virtual
  • (10% discount on Bkash & online payment)


"The aim of marketing is to reduce the need for selling”- Philip Kotler

This advanced session will cover over all applied strategies of marketing and sales. This session is best for those who are already in sales and marketing area also who are intended to start job in this field, students of BBA, MBA and already completed MBA or BBA, Holding a senior sales and marketing position in a group of companies or MNCs but non-business education background.

This session is designed and developed based on long real-life experiences and studies. It is covered 360 degree of sales and marketing aspects.

With marketing, you can analyze the market, expand your business, and increase sales. You can let customers know what you are doing and build mutual trust. Social media is growing, so use it to find potential customers. Achieve higher rankings on search engines with better optimization. Always be reminding people that you exist so that you can take up their brain space as often as possible.

‘Advanced Class for Sales & Marketing Management’This contemporary and dynamic session will cover retails and branding, pricing, distribution sales , corporate sales , Theoretical aspects of General Marketing and Management in FMCG/Consumer/customer service / B2B/B2C/Personal Sales Industry of our Country.

After completing this session participants will learn:
1. Clear understanding of marketing.
2. How marketing concepts translate into productivity i.e. ultimate sales and CRM
3. What is Applied Marketing?
4. Difference between marketing and selling.
5. Foundations of marketing
6. Understanding the Pillars of Marketing.
7. How to take decision in the competitive marketing world.
8. Basic concept of Digital Marketing
9. How to boost up sales.
10. Marketing is an integral part of everything
11. Marketing skills stands you out
12. How to Become a Critical Thinker
13. How to Build Sales and Marketing Skills?
14. How to create wow factor in customer mind.


Real life demonstrations, Patience Games, Roll play, Audio-video visuals; Group Discussion. Q & A Session.

Contents of Training:

Session # 1: Why we should study Marketing?
• Key understanding of Marketing and applied marketing.
• Traditional marketing Vs Digital Marketing.
• Difference between selling and marketing.
• Assignment and Quiz

Session # 2: Basic Understanding of Marketing
• The marketing concept.
• Customer value.
• The marketing mix.
• Segmentation.
• Target market.
• Marketing strategy.
• Four Pillars of marketing 4Ps equal to 4Cs.
• Introducing contemporary seven pillars of marketing (7Ps in the marketing)
• Assignment and Quiz.

Sessions # 3: Key Elements of Marketing functions
• Promotion.
• Selling.
• Product management.
• Pricing.
• Marketing information management.
• Financing.
• Distribution.
• Assignment and Quiz.

Sessions # 4: Brand Strategy Elements
• Consistency
• Community
• Content
• Brand position
• Brand promise
• Brand Vision
• Target Audience
• Market Analysis
• Awareness Goals
• Brand Voice
• Brand Tagline
• Assignment and Quiz

Session # 5:Effective Marketing Communication
• Best way of marketing communications.
• Selecting medium of communication.
• Selection of TG.
• Synchronization of Associated Departments to Implement Marketing Campaigns.
• International Marketing.
• Service Marketing.
• Advertising.
• ATL and BTL.
• Assignment and Quiz.

Session # 6: Strategic decision making tools
• BCG Matrix.
• SWOT analysis.
• Competitive advantages.
• Define distinctive capabilities.
• International marketing.
• Assignment and Quiz.

Session # 7: Key factors of Market Research
• Size of Market.
• Geographic location of customers.
• Demographic description of customers.
• Market Segmentation on the basis of age, sex, income, education, standard or living etc.
• Analysis of market demand.
• Sales analysis by customers.
• Assignment and Quiz.

Session # 8: Case Study with real life example
• Group Presentation and Q & A Sessions.
• Open discussion.

Session # 9: Sales Proposition
• Depth understanding of Sales.
• B2B Sales, B2C Sales, C2B Sales , D2D Sales.
• Key channels of sales.
• How to set up distribution and retail sales channel.
• How to motivate sales team.
• How to develop lucrative sales incentives.
• Value based Sales.
• Sales funnel.
• Customer mind mapping.
• Distribution sales channel set up based on Bangladesh overview e.g. demographic and geographic.
• Set up channel management.
• Mapping of Daily Sales Route with real life Examples.
• Tools of Tracking Sales Performance.
• Assignment and Quiz.

Session # 10: Excellence in CRM
• Set Up and Manage Customer Service Department.
• Motivating Key Channel Partners: Retailers, Distributors and local steak holders.
• Creating wow factors to customer.
• Implementation Techniques: Razor Sharp.
• Managing ‘ Satisfied customers are the best advertiser’
• Sales Agency Management.
• Marketing and Sales Campaign Design.
• Strategic Overview of Sales and Marketing: Gaining Competitive Edge.
• Quiz and Closing.

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Marketing/ Sales
-This course is designed and developed for all the Entry level / Mid-level and C- Level Sales and Marketing professional who are already working or intents to build career in Marketing and Sales arena in Competitive Industry e.g. ; FMCG, Telecommunications, IT and Mobile Handsets, Rod, Cement , Bank, Financial Institutions, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Others Building Materials, Food Industry, Trading, Retail Chain, Logistics, Software, Supply Chain, Apparels, Accessories etc.

- Entrepreneur or any business professionals.

- Self-employed or own business professionals who wants take business to next level e.g. Engineers, Health sector business, IT professionals etc.

- Business Graduate Executives, who are working already in the corporate sectors and intent to do MBA in future.

- Business Development Managers and Distribution Development Managers of corporate houses.

- Young Entrepreneurs who are intent to Start New Business in FMCG and Consumer Market.

However freshnon-business graduates who intend to work in sales and marketing area can participate.

Resource Person

M Ekhtier Ahmed Evan

Sales Management Consultant

M Ekhtier Ahmed Evan has distinctive, solid and high volume revenue driven experience in leading Multinational and National companies for last 20 years. He has served world’s No. 1 brand ‘Apple’ as well as world’s second largest bank HSBC. He also served one of the leading telecom operator Robi Axiata Ltd, a China based e-commerce Company and UNEAS of UNDP. Apart from this Mr. Evan has leaded a prominent handset brand Lenovo as ‘Head of Business’ as well as helds senior management position in other companies for more than a decade. He also has served as Project Head of a leading foowear company to appoint distributors and retails shops across the country. Mr. Evan has versatile experience and exposure on 360 degree sales & marketing arena. He has completed MBA from University of Dhaka major in Marketing also done a diploma course on Digital Marketing from BITM (BASIS Institute of Technology and Management).

Mr. Evan has served as ‘Head of Sales – iPhone’ to Union Group (Exclusive Authorized Distributor of Apple in Bangladesh). He is the first Apple Business Manager in Bangladesh to drive iPhone and iPad business for Distribution in Bangladesh. Mr. Evan has set up robust distribution and retail channel in the big towns. He designed and developed Corporate Sales Team and operators business for iPhone and iPad. He attended an extensive and exclusive training program on ‘Sales and Distribution’ arranged by Apple Singapore also trained on Apple Global Business Reporting System (AGBRS). He maintained liaison with Apple Singapore office.

After that Mr. Evan has served as Head of Business and General Manager of Lenovo smartphones and tab business to Smart Technologies (BD) Ltd. He performed as business key contact person and responsible to operate the whole business. Distribution sales channel across the country, B2B and alternative sales channel, e-commerce/online sales and strategic business relationship with chain shops (Modern Trade) has been developed under his supervision. He given final approval for all sorts of marketing activities e.g. products’ pricing, package and incentives scheme for retailer and distributors as well as consumer, ATL and BTL communication, POS decoration designing, trade marketing materials, distributor and retailer meet and awarded to best one etc. He also maintained liaison with Lenovo principal office in Delhi.

Earlier Mr. Evan served Robi Axiata Ltd. in Enterprise Business division. During his 10 years journey with Robi he played multiple job roll e.g. Manager, Large Corporate; Kay Account Manager; Manager, SME Business. He incorporated many MNCs, local large companies and Banks in his portfolio. He had been awarded ‘Best SME Business Manager in Emerging Market’ 2014. He Explored corporate and SME sales in Dhaka, as well as other urban and rural areas. Before that Mr. Evan served HSBC bank as Team Leader, Sales. He achieved ‘Live the HSBC Brand’2004. He also served UNDP’s UNEAS as an interpreter and protocol officer. Mr. Evan has conducted a market research on ‘Bangladesh Device Market and Industry’ for a leading telecom company.

Recently, Mr. Evan served a China based e-commerce as Head of Business Development and Corporates Sales (Business has been postponed due to COVID-19). In long journey, Mr. Evan explored 360 degree of sales & marketing arena e.g. Corporate Sales, National Distribution and Retail Business, B2B sales, Key Account Management, D2D sales, Institutional Sales, Telesales, Modern Trade, e-commerce business and digital marketing. He served American International University of Bangladesh (AIUB) as guest lecturer on ‘Strategic Sales & Marketing on Real Life Approach’ and guest speaker to Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur on ‘Career on Sales and Marketing’

Mr. Evan has root level sales experience after that his determination, dynamism and perseverance he successfully upgraded his career that leads him to become Business Head. In student life he did few sales works e.g. Sales Executive in Phillips Pavilion to Dhaka International Trade Fair; Sales Executive, Visa and Master card for Standard Chartered bank through Conquest; Telesales executive to Premier Resort Marketing (PRM) International etc.

Mr. Evan has conducted more than 700 training sessions which covered around 600 hours and 9,000 participants of prominent local and multinational companies. Apart from training, he serves as consultant to corporates e.g. corporate revamp and working process, business operation policy, company profile, product profile, company website etc.

He has attended Marketing Guru - Philip Kotler’s session in Dhaka in the year of 2010. Mr. Evan has attended more than 100 training sessions in local and abroad. He is the founding Public Relation Secretary of Dhaka University MBA Association (DUMA). He was Joint Treasurer of Dhaka Dhanmondi Lions Club. Mr. Evan is co-founder and CEO ‘School of Professional Skill Development-SPSD’

Real life demonstrations, Patience Games, Roll play, Audio-video visuals; Group Discussion. Q & A Session.

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