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Art of Effective Communication Skills


In our professional or personal world, we all are engaged in communication most of our time via different modes. If we look closely then we will be able to see that our ultimate success of any project / job / task is basically depends how well or how effectively we communicate. Hence, our main challenge is how we can convert most of our conversations / communications into effective ones. Improving our communication skills is not a rocket science. It just required few specific focus area and building healthy and effective communications habits. This session is designed to find out what we do wrong in communication and how we can make it right.


1. Power point presentation
2. Games / Simulations
3. Case study
4. Assessment tools
5. Group discussion
6. Lecture
7. Open discussion

Contents of Training:

1. Conceptualizing the fundamentals of business communication
2. The core differences between communication and effective communication
3. Examples of wrong / poor communication in workplace
4. Contexts of communications in professional platforms
5. Golden rules of effective communication
6. Barriers of effective communication
7. 5Cs effective communication
8. Dos and don’ts of email communications
9. Dos and don’ts in meetings room, telephonic conversations and public events
10. Active listening strategies
11. Why ‘less is more’ when the message is right
By the end of the session -
• Your capacity of listening will be improved
• You will be able to Know how to make your communications 'fit for purpose'
• You will be able to know how to tell people things they might not want to hear
• You will be able to know how to set the scene for maximum engagement
• You will be a much better communicator both in personal and professional life

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Soft Skills
1. Professionals who need to communication with internal / external stake holders on daily basis
2. Anyone who wishes to improve his / her communication skills
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

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