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Writing Quality Proposal


A quality proposal is one that implements all of the things you have decided are needed to persuade the customer to select you. The quality of your proposal is indicative of the quality of your solution. Decision makers and evaluators instinctively choose solution providers, in part, based on clarity, compliance, and professionalism. A professional proposal tells decision makers that they’re important.

Writing quality proposal has been a widely discussed matter within development sectorsince long back. Preparing a winning proposal is therefore got highest priority of anorganization in the era of competitive donor landscape. Taking either readymade oroutsourced approach, organizations are entering into this battle and eventually very feware embracing success. To prepare a quality proposal, someone needs to considersome fundamental aspects including needs assessment, stakeholder consultation, anddata collection and understand the ultimate purpose of donors. Moreover, writingproposal is always a team effort in designing a customized and pragmatic proposal.Specific objectives

Upon attending this workshop, participants will be to-
-Learn about basics of project cycle and its important elements;
-Explain how to design project’s Logical Framework (LFA) and Theory of Change (ToC);
-Get functional tips to have logical interpretation on important sections of a proposal being practiced widely


Live class via zoom

Contents of Training:

-Development Project and common terminologies
1.Define a development Project, Aspects of a Project Cycle
2.Understand about project, difference between project and program
3.Trends of development funding

-Designing project and its Logical Framework (LFA) and Theory of Change (ToC)
1.Understanding a project’s needs/Context analysis
2.Define how change will come (ToC)
4.Develop the Log Frame-LFA

-Other quality aspects of a Proposal 1.How to prepare an activity Gantt Chart followed by multi-year budget 2.How to develop a monitoring plan in accordance with LFA

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